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Chronicity - 5

Cultural Diversity

Culture The learned, shared, and transmitted values, beliefs, norms, and lifeway practices of a particular group that guide thinking, decisions, and actions in patterned ways.
4-Step Process to Improve Sensitivity Become aware of one's own cultural heritage, become aware of the client's culture, become aware of adaptations the client made to live in NA, form care plan that incorporates their culture.
Ethnocentrism The view that the beliefs and values of one's own culture are superior to those of other cultures.
Stereotyping Assuming that all members of a culture or ethnic group are alike.
Prejudice Strongly held opinion about some topic or group of people.
Discrimination Differential treatment of individuals or groups based on categories such as race, ethnicity, gender, social class, or exceptionality
Magico-religious Health Belief View Health and illness are controlled by supernatural forces. Pt may believe that illness is a result of being bad or opposing God's will.
Scientific or Biomedical Health Belief Based on the belief that life and life processes are controlled by physical and biochemical processes that can be manipulated by humans.
Holistic Health Belief Holds that forces of nature must be held in valance. Native American Medicine Wheels, Chinese Yin and Yang.
Folk Medicine Beliefs and practices relating to illness prevention and healing derived from cultural traditions rather from scientific base. A frequent component of tx is some ritual practice on the part of the healer or pt to cause healing to occur.
African American To assess jaundice, cyanosis and pallor, inspect palms and soles. May need to feel for rash. Less responsive to beta blockers. More responsive to monotherapy and ace inhibitors. High rate of side effects with antidepressants. Lactose intolerance.
Native American Increased reactions to lidocaine. Faster metabolism of alcohol and greater side effects than white ethnic groups. High rate of Type 2 Diabetes.
Amish High incidence of dwarfism and hemophilia. Glutaricaciduria, pyruvate kinase deficiency and maple sugar urinary disease. Twinning between 15-20%
Asian/Pacific Islander Lactose intolerance. High rate of DM, multiple myeloma and cancer. More sensitive to psychotropic and antidepressant meds.
Hispanic/Latino Overweight is seen as a sign of health. More sensitive to antidepressants. Side effects at high rate with antituberculosis meds.
Jewish American Increased incidence of agranulocytosis with clozapine. Tay-Sachs, familia dystonia, torsion dystonia, Gaucher's disease, Neimann-Pick, Bloom Syndrome, colitis, phenylketonuria, Mediterranean fever.
European American High risk for skin cancer. Phenylketonuria among Irish.
Spirituality A belief in or relationship with some higher power. Includes dealing with the unknown or uncertainties, finding meaning and purpose, drawing upon inner resources and strength, having a feeling of connectedness with oneself and with God or a higher being.
Faith Complete and unquestioning acceptance of a belief that cannot be proven.
Hope Concept that includes perceiveing realistic expectations and goals, anticipating outcomes, relying on internal and external resources, being oriented to the future.
Spiritual Distress Disturbance in persona belief system, questioning the meaning of life, death, or suffering, demonstrating discouragement or despair, choosing not to practice rituals, ambivalent feelings about beliefs, expressing not having a reason to live.
Asian Americans Yin and yang are opposing forces that when in balance yield health. Meditation, exercise restore balance. Males are head of house, elders are respected.
Central American Naming Female retains father's name
Christian Science Healing is through prayer. Medication is not used. Blood and blood products are avoided.
Cultural awareness Conscious and informed recognition of the differences and similarities between different cultural or ethnic groups.
Cultural Competence Works within the cultural belief system, able to consider needs of another objectively.
Cultural Sensitivity Respect and appreciation for cultural behaviors based on an understanding of the other person's perspective
Culture Dynamic and integrated structures of knowledge, beliefs, behaviors, ideas, attitudes, values, habits, customs, languages, symbols, rituals, ceremonies, and practices that are unique to a particular group of people.
Curandero Mexican American healer; treatment may consist of herbal potions, diets of hot or cold foods, religious articles and ceremonies.
Ethno-relativity The ability to appreciate and respect the viewpoints of other cultures.
Future Oriented People US, Japanese, Jews, and Arabs. View time as a commodity for achieving future goals.
Hinduism Illness is god's punishment for sin
Hispanic Americans Wellness is reward for good behavior. Illness is punishment for sin by God. Curandera may intervene to cure diseased of a supernatural nature. Tx can be based on hot and cold foods, wearing of medals and herbal potions.
Hougan voodoo healer. A priest/priestess for African
Islam Shortening of life or suicide forbidden. Ritual cleansing and prep of dead for burial by Muslims. Face head toward Mecca, east. No pork, alcohol, no organ donation.
Japanese Surname followed by san
Japanese and Vietnamese Family name comes first, then given name.
Jehovah's Witness No smoking, alcohol allowed. Meat must be bled. Abortions and sterilizations prohibited. Autopsy and cremation allowed. Blood and blood products avoided.
Judaism No pork, fowl, shellfish. Milk and meat must be kosher and must not be mixed.
Native Americans Health results from a harmonious relationship with nature and the universe. Use of witchcraft can cause illness; treatment may require exorcism of spirit. Medicine man is thought to have supernatural powers of healing. Privated. No lingering eye contact.
Partera Spanish lay-midwife
Past-oriented Asians. Ancestor worship.
Present oriented Native Americans do not own clocks and show little concern for the future. Mexican and african americans more present oriented.
Race refers to a grouping of people based on biological similarities such as blood group, facial features, and color of skin, hair, and eyes.
Roman Catholic Sacrament of sick. Nurse may baptize a critically ill newborn. Only natural birth control, permanent sterilization prohibited.
Root doctor/spiritualist African American healer
Seventh Day Adventist Avoid tx on Sat. No smoke/alcohol, no milk/caffeine.
Space Close arab, southern european, african
space far asian, northern european, north american
ultimate view describes determinants for disease, smoking=lung cancer.
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