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Postpartum 24 hours

Maternal Labs and Vitals from our Maternal/Child Preclinical Worksheet

Temp 36.5-37.5 but may rise to 38
Pulse 50-70bpm
Respiratory Rate 12-20 but may be decreased due to pain meds
BP Slight elevation (over pre-pregnancy values) for first 4 days. Orthostatic hypotension common first 48 hours.
Breasts Non-tender, filling with milk
Fundus (Uterus) firm, at at the umbilicus or below
Lochia (Flow) scant to moderate rubra
Bladder non-distended, patient able to void > 300 mL per void based on hydration. Urine will be clear but bloody
Bowel/Sounds should be present. Normal to not have a bowel movement for 3-4 days
Perineum may be puffy or swollen. If episiotomy or repair, it should be well approximated.
Homan’s Sign Negative
Emotional Status may be weepy. May be tired. Should be bonding well with the baby – holding, touching, feeding, etc.
WBC 10,000-30,000/ mm3
Platelets 150,000-400,000/mm3
Hemoglobin >11g/dl pregnancy. Decreases 1 gm/dl/ 250 ml blood loss
Hematocrit 3 times the hemoglobin
Rubella Titer Immune if titer > 1:8
Rh Rh negative Moms need RhoGAM/Rhophylac
Created by: feral