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4E SS Ch. 9

Southwest Environment

The process of water, wind, and ice slowly carrying away rock and soil erosion
An aquifer is a source of what? water
By definition, the amount of rain that falls each year in a desert is less than what? 10 inches
Farmers plowing up prairie grass by planting wheat was one cause of what event in the 1930's? the Dust Bowl
Like the Southwestern U.S., Nigeria has grown rapidly as a result of what? petroleum
Deep, narrow valley that stretches 217 miles through northern Arizona Grand Canyon
Giant cactus trees called saguaros grow in this area in Arizona. Sonoran Desert
Patillo Higgins discovered oil in this state in 1901. Texas
Today this city is our nation's top oil-refininf center. Houston
In 1905 a drilling crew found oil near this city in Oklahoma. Tulsa
The form of petroleum that bubbles up from the ground. crude oil
A way to grow crops with only rain water. dry farming
A chemical made from petroleum petrochemical
Changing in order to survive in a certain environment. adaptation
A factory where crude oil is separated into parts that can be used refinery
A fuel formed underground from dead plants petroleum
A hill with a flat top mesa
A deep, narrow valley with steep sides canyon
An area of the Great Plains devastated by droughts and dust storms in the 1930's Dust Bowl
A hill with a flat top that is smaller than a mesa Butte
An underground layer of rock or gravel that traps water aquifer
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