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The Vista of Nursing ( Fundamental of Nursing Care)

Lpn or vocational nurse basic of all the entry level options for nursing w/ full time programs lasting from 9 to 1 yr.
Associates degree nurse Entry level education of registered nurses; minimum of two years at a community college
Nurses Practice Act A law in each state that governs the actions; addresses each level of nursing
Health Occupational student of america (HOSA) A national organazation specifically for the students.
Scope of practice Limitatione and allowances of what can be done as a nurse.
The professional organization for licensed practical / vocational nurses is the ? National federation of licensed practical nurse
The purpose(s) of the clinical connections in this book is/ are to help you? (a) Identify actions to take the information to consider to care pt. (b) Understand your toughts and feelings about caring for a specific types of pt. (c) Connect what you read in the book with what will you see and do during clinical experience
Which ff are concerns when you are providing care for elderly pts? These pts have chronic illnesses, sensory deficits, and multiple medications.
When you care pediatrics pts keep in mind that they? (a) Have difficulty understanding whats is happening ana expressing their feelings during procedure. (b) Often have no previos experince to prepare them to illness or treatment,so they frightened
Unique aspect of home health is that ? (a) Fewer supplies and less equipment are available than in the hospital setting.(b) The nurse is alone in the home with no health care staff to help make decisions about care
Which of the ff is true of working in long term care? (a)The setting is more homelike (b) You will need to used the most calming approach to residents (c) Changes in behavior can indicatehealth problems in the elderly.
Which are your responsibilities as a nursing student regarding laboratory and test results? (a) Check the test results often and note any abnormal findings (B) Notify the physicians of significant abnormal results.