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Persuasion Technique

Suggests that the product is beneficial and of value for ordinary people. plain folks
Suggests that use of this product will result in a luxurious/glamorous lifestyle and make you part of an elite group. snob appeal
The use of certain words or phrases over and over to make people remember the product. repetition
Suggests that a positive result comes from using a particular product, even though that might be false. faulty cause and effect
A well-known celebrity or star claims to use and love the product. testimonial
Suggests that everyone uses this product and you should too bandwagon
Uses cleverness to make you laugh and therefore remember the product. wit and humor
Uses words associated with strong feelings or emotions, or words that convey positive feelings. glittering generalities
Uses words or images with positive associations to connect or transfer those good feelings to the product transfer
Suggests that one product is better than another similar product, but gives no real proof. compare and contrast
Uses factual information or statistics (numbers) to "prove" superiority of the product. facts and figures
Just gives one side of a product or issue card stacking
Created by: cvanmeter