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Geology 1.0

Physical Geology Exam 1

Layers of the Earth: Crust, Mantel, Outer and Inner Core
Magnetic poles: MOVE!!!!! and protetct us from the suns deadly rays Magnet field in South Atlantic is weakening, Magnetic poles flip
Giga Anum: Billion Years
Mega Anum: Million Years
Pangea the idea that the contenants were once all conected.
Types of Plate Boundaries are....
Divergent where both plates are moving away from eachother
Convergent where both plates are moving towards eachother
Transform where both plates are sliding past eachother
Convergent and Transform Boundaries create??? EARTHQUAKES!!!
Convergent and Divergent create??? Volocanoes!!!
Wadafi Benioff Zone??? A belt of eathquakes in a downgoing plate.
Divergent Boundaries create... rift valleys
Black Smokers... how hot? About 350C
The seafloor spreads at what rate? 5-10 cm/yr or the rate your fingernail grows...
Contental Crust is less dence than? Ocean crust
Types of Convergent Boudaries are...
1. Oceanic Oceanic
2. Oceanic Contenental
3. Contenental Contenental
Mariana's trench is... about 6 miles deep
Example of a transform fault is the... San Anreas Fault
Hot spots don't move just fyi
Tallest Mt. in the world is.. Monta Loa Islan in Hawii
What is the direction of plate motion? The location of the hot spot doesn't change...
A mineral is... Naturally occuring
Solid Cristalline structure
Definable Chemical Structure Inorganic
Diamond is made of carbon. ...
Cristaline structure results from arrangement of atoms
Cristal Habit naturally occuring shapes
Cleavage breaks into predictable planes
Cristals have a maximum of ___ planes of cleavae 4
Fracture Brakage without cleavage
Luster way surface scatters light
Streak color when powdered
Specific Gravity Dencity
Luster is Metalic or Nonmetalic or Sub Metalic
Moh's Hardness scale On a scale from 1 to 10 ten being hardest
1 Talc
2 Gypsum
2.5 Fingernail
3 Calcite
3.5 Copper penny
4 Florite
5 Apatite
5.5 Knife
6 K-spar
6.5 Steel File
7 Quartz
8 Topaz
9 Corundum
10 Diamond
Luminecense color under differant forms of light
Streak color when powdered
Minerals in Arkansas Buaxite
Bromine Quartz
Clay Sulfur
Coal Vandium
Gemstones: Quarts, diamond Vermiculite
Muscivite is a mineral
Created by: mr.vonlipich