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science chapter Wil

a natural land shape or feature land form
Is all the kinds of landforms in a certain area topography
is a hill that is made and shaped by the wind sand dune
a shaking of the earth's surface caused by movement of rock in the earth's crust earthquake
the process of moving sediment by wind, water, ice erosion
an area of new land at the mouth of a river delta
melted rock that is beneath Earth's surface magma
processess that break down the earth's surface destruction
the process that builds up or creates landforms on earth's surface constructive
a crack in the earth's crust fault
a person who studies earthquakes seismologist
2 ways humans change landforms building dams and dredging sand
one way floods can be constructive signal fish that it is time to mate
another way that floods can be constructive some plants grow best under flood conditions
one way floods are DESTRUCTIVE can cause farmers to lose entire fields of crops
another way floods are DESTRUCTIVE can damage houses and towns
what equipment does a seismologist use seismograph
Created by: cvanmeter