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OE- Unit 2

Definitions - Hydrologic Cycle

transpiration process used by plants to release excess moisture
convectional precipitation water vapour moves upward as the result of ground temp. compared to air temp. causing precipitation
sublimation occurs when a solid changes into a gas or a gas into a solid. Occurs where there is a large difference in temperature such as a high altitude mountain
orographic precipitation occurs where there is a change in elevation which causes air to rise, eventually cooling and becoming more dense causing precipitation
frontal caused when two different air masses meet (warm and cool) warm is pushed up (less dense) over the cool mass. The warm will then cool as it rises and then cause precipitation.
saturated zone area beneath the surface of the ground where groundwater can no longer move downward
unsaturated zone area beneath the surface of the ground where there is space for water to move
water table the soil between the unsaturated and saturated zone