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Vocab Jan 30 BT

English Vocab from January 30th, 2012 Benj Trogdon

Abut to border on; to touch along a side or on one end
amphitheater an area surrounded by rows of seats sloping upward from the center
bevel lines or surfaces joining at any but a ninety-degree angle
boudoir a womans provate dressing room, sitting room, or bedroom
caryatid a supporting column carved into a female figure
cistern a tank for collecting and storing rainwater
crypt an underground burial vault. especially one under a church
deterioration a process of denegration or decline in quality
edifice a building, especially an imposingor large structure
foyer a lobby or entrance hall
frieze a plain or decorative band along the top of a wall
minaret a tall tower on a mosque ringed by balconies from which a caller summuns people to prayer
nave the central part or hall of a church interior, flanked by aisles
oranate elaboratly decorated
paparet a protective wall or railing along a roof or balcony
pediment the triangular space formed by the tip of a pitched roof
peristyle the columns surrounding a temple, court or other structure
raze to demolish; to level to the ground
refurbish to renovate; to brighten or freshen up
rotunda a round building or room, usually dome-covered
Created by: benjtrogdon