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Science Exam

Material for the exam

water cycle the process of using and reusing; it is never destroyed
Infiltration water is absorbed by the soil in this process
How far water sinks into the ground depends on...(3 things): surface vegetation, the soil texture, and the type of rock beneath the soil.
groundwater water in the underground part of the water cycle
runoff streams, lakes, and reservoirs
evaporation change from a liquid to water vapor
renewal time the time it takes to renew (or clean) itself.
decomposers break down the remains of dead plants and animal waste products
carbon cycle key element in organic molecules- the molecules of life.
During photosynthesis plants combine what?! carbon dioxide, water, and minerals into carbohydrates.
nitrogen cycle places a special role in the atmosphere, in our bodies, and as a soil nutrient.
ecosystem any area of nature that includes living organisms and nonliving substances interacting to produce an exchange of material between the living and non-living parts
energy ability to move matter around.
mineral any naturally occurring crystalline inorganic material. A naturally occurring substance or phase with a characteristic internal structure determined by a regular arrangement of the atoms or ions w/in it.
ore mineral or mineral aggregate containing precious or useful material and that occurs in such quantity, grade and chemical combination as to make extraction commercially profitable.
alloy metal that is a mixture of a metal(s) with a nonmetal or another metal.
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