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Journey Scott Foresm

Basal Story

What does the word extinct mean in the following sentence? The dodo bird is extinct. no longer existing
What does the word encases mean in the following sentence? The skull encases the brain. encloses
What does the word hideous mean in the following sentence? She thinks that lizards are hideous. ugly
What does the word serpent mean in the following sentence? He wanted to have a serpent as a pet. snake
What does the word armor mean in the following sentence? John enjoyed looking at the armor on display. protective body covering
What does the word plunged mean in the following sentence? She plunged her fork into the potato. sank
What caused the raft to be lifted out of the water? sea monsters
What word best shows how the men felt when they saw the animals? scared
where does the action of the story take place? an ocean at the Earth's center
Why did the ichthyosaurus and plesiosaurus ignore the men? They didn't see them.
The narrator thought that there were many sea creatures fighting because? there was much confusion and noise.
What happened first? The narrator grabbed his rifle.
How were the plesiosaurus and the ichthyosaurus alike? They were both large.
Why did the narrator want to shoot at the animals? He thought it was his only defense.
The men found it hard to sleep because? There was no darkness.
Why is it important to the story that people did not know facts about the center of the Earth when the story was written? It helped readers think that the story could be real.
What is the most likely reason the author wrote this story? To entertain readers with an exciting story.