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OE- Cryosphere


What are the main components of the Cryosphere? Snow cover, permafrost, sea ice and glaciers
Which of the four main components is the largest component of the cryosphere? Snow cover
What is the cryosphere? The part of the Hydrosphere that is frozen. Includes the 4 components. Means frost in Greek "krunos"
What is permafrost? It occurs in cold areas where ground does not thaw in the warmest months
Draw a diagram of how a glacier is developed Answer should include: 5 stages, 3 zones
Which of the 4 components of the cryosphere contributes greatly to global climate change? How? Sea Ice, the melting ice water is added to the oceans and therefore is causing ocean level to rise.
Define Albedo. Which has greater albedo, snow or forest? The % of solar radiation reflected back to the atmosphere. Snow reflects more therefore has a higher albedo.
What role does the Cryosphere have on the hydrologic cycle? How has this changed? Answers may vary but should include: greater increase of water as cryosphere is melting.
What is till? Glacial material picked up (rocks and boudlers) as the glacier moves
What is Plastic flow? movement within the ice shelf
How are glacial landsacpe features created? Give examples. Landscape features are created as a glacial carves away at the existing landscape and when it melts features are left behind such as horns, cirques and aretes.
How are glacial depositional features created? Give examples Depositional features are features left behind from glacial debris (till) such as drumlins, morraines and eskers.
What is a U-shaped valley? A wide valley that is left behind from a glacier.