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Life Science Ch 11

Life Science BJU - Ch 11

How are two bacteria kingdoms different from the four other kingdoms? They share the characteristic of being the only Prokaryotic organisms. They do not have a true membrane bound nucleus & also lack many of the organelles found in the Eukaryotic organisms.
Describe the structure of a virus. It is a nucleic acid core with a protein coat without a cell membrane, cytoplasm or organelles
Why are viruses not classified into a kingdom? they are non-living and not made of cells
List the three shapes bacteria may have. Coccus, Spirillum & Bacillus
List three human foods that are produced with the help of bacteria. Yogurt, pickles & cheese
How do protozoa and algae differ? P - are animal-like & a - is plant-like
How would you distinguish a large colonial organism from a multicellular organism? If a cell can not live a part from a group it is multicellular
List 3 structures that a protist may have to help it move. flagella, cilia & pseudopodia
How does a euglena obtain energy? By photosynthesis or by eating
Contrast fragmentation and conjugation. C - is a type of sexual reproduction and F - is a type of asexual reproduction
What are the filamentous cells of a fungus called? hyphae
What are the spore-bearing structures of a fungus called? gills
Which of the two organisms in the symbiotic relationship known as a lichen benefit from the relationship? Both - all of the organisms in a symbiotic relationship benefit
Fungi and plant roots living together in a symbiotic relationship are called? mycorrhizae
Name a fungal product that you use. Cheese
protozoa the more animal like protists - they can usually move themselves and capture prey
algae the more plant-like protists - they perform photosynthesis and are usually unable to move themselves
colony a group of unicellular protists living together though each is capable of living separately
pseudopodia the bulges of the cytoplasm
fragmentation a form of asexual reproduction of colonies
conjunction a type of sexual reproduction carried on by many protists
hyphae long filaments of fungal cells
lichen appearing as a single organism in fungus
symbiotic an occasion in which both species benefit from living together
mycorrhizae are the fungi that live in a symbiotic association with the roots of plants
How rapid or slowly do bacteria reproduce? With the proper conditions for growth, some bacteria are able to grow and reproduce every 20 minutes. - rapidly
Bacteria reproduce asexually by ____________________. binary fision
How does a virus cause illness? A virus infects a cell by attaching to it and injecting viral nucleic acid
Are there any bacteria able to move themselves? Yes
What kind of food detritus feeders eat? dead organisms
What two characteristics do all protists have in common? They all have nuclei and do not form water conducting tissues (unicellular)
What two major groups are found in Kingdom Protista? protozoa and algae
Why is conjunction a type of asexual reproduction? It is carried on by many protists
List two structural characteristics that most fungi have. hyphae and spores
Lichens result from a symbiotic relationship between what two types of organisms? Fungi and algae
List 3 ways fungi are beneficial to us. It decomposes, we have multimillion dollar industries based on fungi in their bi-products, they interacts with plants in beneficial ways
True or False. Bacteria are considered to be prokaryotic organisms because they lake a true membrane-bound nucleus. False?
True or False. All bacteria have the potential to make people sick. False
Viruses have _______ cell membrane. no
Is not a defense against viruses? Antibiotics?
A rod-shaped bacterium is usually called a _______________. bacillus
Fragmentation and conjugation can occur in all ______________. protists
True of False. All types of fungi have hyphae, but not all species produce spores. False
Mycorrhizae are symbiotic relationships between fungi and a plant's _______________. roots
______________ is created with the help of fungi. blue cheese, bread & penicillin
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