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Ecce Romani 39 SALT

Ecce Romani Chapter 39 vocabulary SALT

Crēta, -ae, f. Crete, large island SE of Greece
nusquam (adv.) nowhere
moneō, -ēre, -uī, -itus to advise, warn
deus, -ī (nom.pl. dī, dat. and abl. pl. dīs)m. god
dormitō, -āre, -āvī to be sleepy
conticēscō, conticēscere, conticuī to become silent
expergīscor, expergīscī, experrēctus sum to wake up
interest it is important
ferula, -ae, f. cane
pāreō, -ēre, -uī, -itūrus + dat. to obey
extendō, extendere, extendī, extentus to hold out
rūs, rūris, n. country, country estate
Āfrica, -ae, f. Africa
Athēnae, -ārum, f. pl. Athens
Gallia, -ae, f. Gaul
Philippī, -ōrum, m. pl. Philippi
Brundisium, -ī, n. Brundisium
Gādēs, Gādium, f. pl. Gadiz (spain)
Sīdōn, Sīdōnis, f. Sidon
bellum, -ī, n. war
multīs post annīs many years afterward
hiems, hiemis, f. winter
iactō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus to toss about, drive to and fro
oppidum, -ī, n. town
Hispānia, -ae, f. Spain
trans (prep. + acc.) across
abhinc (+ acc) ago
Mantua, -ae, f. Mantua, a town in N. Italy
septentriōnālis, -is, -e northern
Cremōna, -ae, f. Cremona, a town in N. Italy
fundus, -ī, m. farm
Mediolānum, -ī, n. Milan
litterae, -ārum, f. pl. letters, literature
lingua, -ae, f. tongue, language
studeō, -ēre, -uī +dat. to study
migrō, -āre, -āvī, -ātūrus to move one’s home
Horātius, -ī, m. Horace (Roman poet)
Augustus, -ī, m. Augustus Caesar
aegrōtō, -āre, -āvī, -ātūrus to be ill
infirmā... valētūdine in poor health
interdum (adv.) from time to time
rediēns returning
in terram ēgressus having disembarked
aeger, aegra, aegrum ill
nāscor, nāscī, nātus sum to be born
expellō, expellere, expulī, expulsus to drive out, expel
vīvō, vīvere, vīxī, vīctūrus to live
morior, morī, mortuus sum to die
sepeliō, sepelīre, sepelīvī, sepultus to bury
arma, -ōrum, n. pl. arms, weapons
ōra, -ae, f. shore
fātum, -ī, n. fate
profugus, -a, -um exiled, fugitive
Lāvīnius, -a, -um of Lavinium, the town where the Trojans first landed in Italy
lītus, lītoris, n. shore
altum, -ī, n. the deep, the sea
superī, -ōrum (or superum), m. pl. the gods above
saevus, -a, -um fierce, savage
memor, memoris remembering, mindful, unforgetting
Iūnō, Iūnōnis, f. Juno, queen of the gods
ob (prep. + acc.) on account of
dum conderet… īnferretque until he could find…and bring…into
Latium, -ī, n. Latium, the area of Central Italy including Rome
genus, generis, n. race, stock, nation
Albānus, -a, -um of Alba Longa, a city founded by Aeneas’ son, Ascanius
moenia, moenium, n. pl. city walls
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