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final review brady

what is the formula for calculating minute volume? VtX respiratory rate
do you intubate GCS of 8? yes
T/F sodium/potassium pump: maintains a high concentration of potassium inside the cell true
T/F sodium/potassium pump failure can result in cell lysis true
T/F sodium/potassium pump: it is the primary user of cellular energy true
T/F sodium/potassium pump: maintains a hight concentration of sodium outside the cell true
T/F sodium/potassium pump: uses ATP as its energy source T
which of the following conditions is not a common cause of metabolic acidosis? shock, diabetic ketoacidosis, steroid usage, renal failure, diuretic usage renal failure
helicopters were first used for pt transport during which war? korean
which of the following statements regarding spontaneous pneumothorax is false? males are more commonly affected, the pt are often thin, smoking is a risk factor, the left lng is almost always the lung affected, none of the above FALSE : the left lng is almost always the lung
what is the name of the classification system used to describe pediatric fractures? salter-harris
which of the following is an absolute contraindication to fibrinolytic therapy? hx of trauma in past 2 months, prolonged CPR, known cancer, active puptic ulcer disease, none of the abve none of the above
you are transporting a patient who has recvd a heparin bolus and a heparin drip. during transport he starts to vomit bright red blood. What drug can be administered to reverse the effects of the heparin? protamine
you have a pt who was involved in a motorycle crash. He opens his eyes to pain, withdraws by flexion from pain, and utters inappropriate words. What is the GCS? 9
how do you describe MS? demyelination of the white matter in the brain and spinal cord
a blow-out fracture typically affects the (body part) inferior rectus
the trigeminal nerve is cranial nerve #? V
what is the most commonly seen serious abdominal emergency in neonates that requires surgical intervention? necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC)
name 4 H2 blockers ranitidine (zantac), cimetidine (tagamet), famotidine (pepcid), nizatidine (axid)
how do you calculate the mean arterial pressure? 128/80 96
the FAA requirement that all nonessential communications be ceased during critical stages of flight is called sterile cockpit
you are transporting an 18 lb toddler w/ 3rd degree bur. Fluid therapy was started at the transferring hospital. using the parkland formula, pt should receive ______mL of fluid in the first 8n hrs 1700
temperature regulation is primarily controlled by what brain region? hypothalamus
which legislation is responsible for allowing emergency personell to find out if thery were exposed to an infectious disease while rendering pt care? ryan white act
name 3 drugs that can be reversed by naloxone fentanyl, morphine, codeine
the sympathetic nervous system is associated w/ what regions of the spnal cord? (2) thoracic and lumbar
which antibody type is most associated w/ allergic reactions? IgE
aqueous humor is found in which area of the body? anterior chamber
vaccinations are availabe for all of the following exceptL hep A, B, C, varicella, variola hep c
self-imposed standards or rules of conduct for a group are referred to as ethics
which aspect of the immune defenses attacs and breaks dwn cell walls, attracts phagocytes, and stimulates inflammation? compement system
your pt has sustained a gunshot to the back. he exhibits motor weakness and the los of light touch, vibratory and position sense on the R side and loss of pain and temperature sense on th eL. motor loss is greater on the R. this suggests what syndrome? brown-sequard syndrome
is mustard gas a nerve agent no
what are 5 p's of compartment syndrome? pain, pallor, pulselessness, pressure
what % of carbonic dioxide is converted to carbonic acid for transport? 70%
Created by: heatherenigma