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Chapters 4-6.

MST 105 ; Medical Terminology

Carcin(o) Cancer
My(o) Combining form for muscle
Hist(o) Tissue
Pyr(o) Fire
Sler(o) / Sclar(o) Hard
-cele hernia
Scop(o) To examine
-Trophy Nutrition
Leps(o) Seizure
-lith Calculus or stone
Hypo- Beneath
ante- before
Semi- Half or partly
Anhydrous Absence of water
Intercellular Between cells
Semipermeable Allows the passage of some substances but prevents the passage of others.
Dioxide Two
Malaise Vague feeling of bodily discomfort and fatigue
Lethargy Increased tiredness
Fatigue Exhaustion/loss of strength or endurance
Intracellular Within a cell
Null Having no value, nothing, or equal to zero
Bradyphasia Slow speech
Bradypnea Slow Breathing
Hemisphere Half
Mediolateral The middle and one side
Inferior Below
Dactlyogram Fingerprint
Caudal Pertaining to tail or tail-like structure
Proximal Nearest the point of Origin
Prone Lying horizontal with the face downward
Encephalitis Inflammation of the brain
Hyperpyrexial Abnormally high body temperature
Anterior Facing forward when the body is in the anatomic position
Posteroexternal Behind and outside
Afebrile without fever
Omphalorrhexis relates to the umbilicus
Mediolateral the middle and one side
Dysplasia Abnormal development of tissues or organs
Created by: Kay_Coldheart