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Key Points

Study Guide - CJ Admin

What is Management Difficult to Define
Define Management Based on tasks/responsibilities, organize people,resources, finances. Identifying purposes and goals of organization. Monitoring and controling employee behavavior
List the Definitions of Management based on theory Scientific management, Bureaucratic Theory, Management Theory, Human Relations, Decision Making
How many parts to Defination Two parts to definition
Define the two parts of definition Group process does not occur in isolation with a sole individual Management is an ongoing process of getting things done through a variety of people with the least amount of effort, expense and waste
Define Organization Two or more people working together to achieve common goals
What are some of the commonly shared elements in an Organization Vision, Mission,Values, Strategic Goals
What are some of the Characteristics of Organizations According to Blau & Scott: Owners/Managers. Members/Rank & File, Clients, Commonwealth, non profit
Are clients considered as customers Yes
Are Criminals & Citizens considerd as Clients Yes
Does Police/society benefits from the commonwelth Yes
List two values of Organization Customer service, employee Incentive
What is one of the strategic goals of an organization Increase of productivity
Define Organization as Systems Inputs - $ amount Process - People in organizations Outputs - Tangable results (e.g. jobs - lower crimes) Feedback - evaluate the output
Describe the composition of organizations Organizations are comprised of subsystems, each with their own inputs, processes, outputs, and feedback
Define Formal Centralized Organizational Structure Communication in one way or another Rules & Procedures Chain of command (e.g) military. criminal justice syatem
Define Informal Decentralized Organizational Structure Communication is two way-bi-directional Fewer rules & procedure Less rigid, shorter chains of command
Define Department of Corrections in the Organizations Systems Each prison is a subsystem of the larger organization