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main cause of glomerulonephritis? strep bacteria
how is fluid replacement determined? 24 hour fluid loss + 500 cc
With all kidney issues except ________, protein needs to be decreased in the diet. nephrotic syndrome
the main cause of nephrotic syndrome is inflammation
another name for total body edema is anasarca
A person with nephrotic syndrome needs anticoagulant therapy for ______ 6 months
What two drugs are given through an IV to help with the fluid problems associated with nephrotic syndrome? lasix and albumin
pre-renal failure is when ______ blood can't get to the kidney
intra-renal failure is when ____ damage has occurred inside the kidney
post-renal failure is when _____ urine can't get out of the kidney.
To help dx renal failure what should be performed? fluid challenge
if the patient is given a fluid challenge, and they are in renal failure, what will their urine specific gravity do? won't change
When a patient is in renal failure, why would they develop anemia?? lack of erythropoietin
Why would the patient with renal failure develop osteoporosis? they retain phosphorus, which lowers the Ca level in the blood, and therefore causes the body to draw Ca from the bones.
The two phases of acute renal failure are ________. oliguric phase and the diuretic phase
During the Oliguric phase: UO is ______; UO of ______ to _____ in 24 hours; K will be ______. decreased; 100-400ml; increased
In hemodialysis, the filter is ____ a machine
If the patient is undergoing hemodialysis, they need _______ vascular access
During dialysis, ____ needles are inserted into the vascular access. two
the ____ end of the access will remove the blood and the return is through the low pressure _____ access. arterial; venous
If a patient has vascular access for dialysis, what are the nursing considerations? no BPs, no needle sticks, and no constriction on that arm.
When assessing vascular access, you should hear a ______ and feel a ______. bruit; thrill
In peritoneal dialysis, _____ serves as the filter. peritoneal membrane
What temperature should the fluid that is used for peritoneal dialysis be? warm
What should the drainage from a peritoneal dialysis look like? clear, straw-colored.
What should the nurse do if all the fluid instilled during peritoneal dialysis doesn't return? turn the patient from side to side.
Which type of patients shouldn't use CAPD (continous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis)? those with disc disease, arthritis, or those with a colostomy
Which type of dialysis is used at night? CCPD (continuous cycle peritoneal dialysis).
What is the number one complication associated w/peritoneal dialysis? peritonitis
Why would a person with peritoneal dialysis complain of a constant sweet taste in their mouth? because the fluid used for dialysis is full of glucose to make it more hypertonic
A patient on peritoneal dialysis should increase _____ and _____ in their diet? protein and fiber
A patient with a kidney stone may have _____ and _____ in their urine. WBC and RBC
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