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Comparative Translat


a Not, Without; together
amino a lamb; a foetal membrane
amnion a lamb; a foetal membrane
myzo suck; mutter
gnath the jaw
gnatho the jaw
stoma a mouth
icthy a fish
itchyo a fish
ptery a wing; a feather; a fin
sarco flesh
amphi around, on both sides, double
del visible
testud a turtle
saur a lizard
gent birth, ancestor
apo from, off, away
syn with, together
plas form, mold, shape
bi two, twice, double
pod a foot
meta a boundary; a turning post
choana a funnel
chir a hand
archo the rectum, anus
cleido a key; the clavicle
acantho a spine, thorn
para beside, beyond, near
acti a ray, beam
an without, not
myx slime, mucus, nasal discharge
cyclo a circle, wheel
chondro a grain, corn, cartilage
oste a bone
osteo a bone
neo new, recent, a temple; swim; go
pnoi air, breathing
uro the tail
gymno naked, bare
lepido a scale
phylo tribe
clado branch, sprout
clad branch, sprout
morph form; sleep
morpho form, sleep
homo like, same, aline
ology the science of
pedo a foot, a child, the earth, a fetter, an oar
ped a foot, a child, the earth, a fetter, an oar
quadri four
quadra four
mere Earth
trich hair
labryntho a maze, labyrinth
dino terribel, whirling
placo a tablet, plate; flat
inter between, among
eu good, well
vertebra a joint; a vertebra
rhin a nose
cephalo the head
ostraco a shell; earthenware
coelo hollow
tax arrange arrangement, yew, badger
taxo arrange arrangement, yew, badger
derm skin
endo withing, inner
noto the back, the south, southwest
pharyn the throat, pharynx
pharynge the throat, pharynx
theri a whild beast
mono one, single
hemi one half
salient leaping
chord a string; the string of a musical instrument.
dendro a tree
deutero the second
ecto outside, out, outer
meso the middle
onto being, existing
branch the gill, a fin, hoarse
branchi the gill, a fin, hoarse
steg a cover, roof, covered
stego a cover roof covered
stegan a cover roof covered
Created by: mvazocar