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ekg 12 lead


what are the values for triplets HR technique? 300, 150, 100, 75, 60, 50
how do you calculate HR using R to R meathod count total small boxes X 0.04
if r to r cycles vary, use the 6 second method. how do you do this? count the number of complete QRS complexes in a 6 second strip and multiply by 10
how many large boxes are in a 6 sec strip? 30
where do you look for a RBBB V1 and V2
Whaat defines a RBBB? in RBBB, the QRS comples has 2 r waves which gives a double-peaked appearance in V1 and V2
what is an additional way to confirm RBBB diagnosis I, V5 and V6 the S wave has a slurred appearance or the end of the wave doesnt return sharply back up to baseline
where do you look for a LBBB V5, V6, I
Whaat defines a LBBB? QRS is wide, mostly upright and t waves inverted in leads V5, V6, I
what is an additional way to confirm LBBB diagnosis V1-V3 if the QRS complexes are mostly negative (like big Q waves) and the t waves are upright then confirmation of LBBB
what defines a "significant Q wave"? at least 1 mm wide and greater than 1/3 the R wave
what defines ST elevation? 1 mm above baseline in limb lead, 2 mm above baseline in chest lead, 0.08 sec to right of J point. Lok for in towo or more leads facing same area
where do you look for inferior MI? II, III, AVF
where do you look for anterior MI? V1-V4 (ST segment elevation in V1 and V2 are slightly elevate.. do not over diagnose)
where do you look for posterior MI? V1 and V2 for tall r waves that will not be accompanied by right axis deviation (hard to diagnose)
where do you look for lateral MI? I, AVL, V5, V6 sig Q waves in I and AVL is an old high lateral MI wheras ST segment elevation is called an acute high lateral MI. V5&V6 look at the "low" lateral surface so Q waves or ST elevation in these leads show old and acute "low lateral MI"
what is the normal PR interval measure 0.12-0.20
what is the normal QRS measure? <0.12
how do you measure st segment if difficult to find S wave, go 0.04 sec past R wave to determine S wave. Go 0.08 seconds from s wave to analyze st segment
how do you define 1st degree AV block? PRI > 0.20
how do you define 2nd degree, type 1 Mobitz AV block? successively longer PRI until one qrs fails
how do you define 2nd degree, type 2 AV block? PRI normal or prolongeds, PRI do not lengthen , sudden dropped QRS w/o prior changes
how do you define 3rd degree AV block? no association between atria and ventricles. depolarizing independently
what does a RBBB look like on an EKG? pointed, defined, distinctive R peaks
what does a LBBB look like on an EKG? two R waves, lazy slope in between the Rs - not as defined
Created by: heatherenigma