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Culture-Ecce 51-54

Ecce Romani 51-54 -terms from the cultural readings

Liberalia festival of the god of wine
lararium shrine of the household gods
bulla luck-charm
toga praetexta boyhood toga with purple edge
tabulae public records (tablets)
Tabularium building where public records were kept
toga virilis pure white toga of manhood
auspicium the taking of of auspices
haruspex a priest who interpreted omens by looking at animal organs
mundus muliebris articles and attire of a grown-up woman
reticulum yellow hairnet worn by a bride
nuptiae wedding ceremony
taedae torches
nuces nuts
super limen tollere to cary the bride over the threshold
deductio procession of wedding guests
pompa funeral procession
laudatio peech of praise honoring the deceased
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