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APES Laws/Treaties 5

Lytle APES Laws and Treaties - Mining and Land

Energy Policy Act (EPA) (2005) Creates standards governing energy production in the US, including energy efficiency, electricity, energy tax incentives,climate change tech, renewable energy, oil coal,gas,nuclear energy, hydrogen power, hydropower,geothermal energy, & vehicle fuels.
International Atomic Energy Agency Convention on Nuclear Safety (1994) Provides safety standards for land-based nuclear power plants in regard to design, construction, and operation. It also makes financial and human resources available for assessment and verification of safety, quality assurance, and emergency preparedness.
Agenda 21(1992) A program run by the United Nations(UN) to help promote sustainable development by offering action recommendations to be taken globally,nationally,and locally by UN Organizations, governments, and major groups that impact the environment.
Surface Mine Control and Reclamation Act (SMCRA) (1977) Regulates coal mining activities to protect both humans and environments. It also governs the restoration of abandoned mining locations.
General Mining Act (1872) Gives people the right to prospect and mine on federal lands, with the exception of those protected fro human impact(for example, National Parks).Originally it was used as a way to promote the settling of unused land. This law is administered by the BLM.
Homestead Act (1862) Provided for the transfer of up to 160 acres of undeveloped fed land to an individual who lived on the parcel of land for 5 years or more & cultivated the land throughout this time. Homesteading was ended with the Federal Land and Management Act of 1976.
Created by: jdlytle