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107 Ch. 12

Maternal and Fetal Nutrition

Which nutriet is of importance to embryonic/fetal organ dev folate/folic acid found in grain products. Need 0.4mg/day Risks for NTDs
Which trimester does fetus need most nutrition 3rd, nutrients need to come more from diet than supplements
which nutrient RDA are especially imp in preg? Folic acid from 400mcg to 600mcg iron from 15/18 to 30, (vit C helps iron to be absorbed) zinc, B6
which nutrient decr most from nonpreg to preg protein 46non - 25 preg
How many more kcal needed for preg from nonpreg +500kcal
What nutrient is incr during preg adn esp lactation water, iodine
What are the fat soluble vitamins? What are water soluable vitamins A fat dek C the beach
BMI values <18 = underwt 18-25 = normal 25-30 = overwt
What wt gain can indicate preeclampsia gain of >3kgor 6lbs in month
how much wt gain puts preg at risk? 18kg or 39 lbs
what is RDA for preg women for all food groups milk/yog/cheese- 3 servings protein- 2 servings 5-6oz Fish should be low in mercury(avoid shark,swordfish,mackerel,tilefish)
Caffeine can cause what? miscarriage, IUGR 3c/day
Which nutrient is most commonly missing in women of childbearing years? Which vitamin most missing? nutrient: K, clotting factor, leafy greens, oils, margarine, soybeans, lentils vit: E, reduces oxidative stress in oils,nuts
Vit A is found in what foods deep yellow/green veges and fruits, leafy greens, broccoli, carrots, cantaloupe, apricots No supplements
What role does Vit D play helps in absorption of Ca. Found in milk, sunlight(Muslims, SPF15)
What is B6 good for in preg women? What is B12 good for? Pyridoxine for protein metabolism and helps with N/V in early preg. B12: nucleic acids/proteins/RBCs/neural found in milk, eggs, meat, liver, soy milk
Vit C is helpful how for preg women helps absorb iron and good for tissue formation. If too much, infant may dev deficiency
Pica is most prevalent in preg woman who have low? anemic, lower hemoglobin
What are good pt teachings for iron supplements Vit C helps absorb, avoid taking (bran, tea, coffee, milk, oxalates, egg yolk) at same time as iron, absorbed best if on empty stomach, so good at bedtime, don't double if missed, can cause constipation
what is pyrosis heartburn
Vegetarians are deficient in what vitamin? B12 and can result in anemia, glossitis, neurologic deficits in mom
Created by: palmerag