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107 Ch. 11

nursing care during pregnancy

What are trimesters broken into for preg? 1st: 1wk - 13 2nd: 14 - 26 3rd: 27 - term(37-40)
How do you estimate EDB (estimated date of birth)? nagele's rule: first day of LMP subract 3 months add 7 days + 1 yr OR 7 + LMP + 9 mos
what are two feelings women express in partner relationship? Feeling loved/valued and having child accepted
Who is generally most important person to preg woman? father of her child. Fewer s/s, complications, better postpartum
Sex interest increases when in preg? Decr when? incr in 2nd, decr in 3rd
what are 3 phases of mother-child relationship that dev. phase 1: accepts, "I am preg" 2: accepts fetus "I am having baby" 3: "I am going to be a mother"
what is the couvade syndrome for fathers to be? have preg like s/s
what are three styles of involvement fathers to be may adopt in preg observer, expressive/emotional, instrumental(tasks to perform)
What is partner's main role in preg? nurture and respond to preg feelings of vulnerability
what is purpose of prenatal care id existing risk factors and any deviations from norm
what can happen to toddlers during preg and birth of new sibling clingy and revert to dependent behaviors in toilet training
what is response of 1yr sibling? 3yr, school age, adol, teens 1yr: unaware 2yr: sameness, Mom's fat 3yr: hear own story, worry how fed school: concrete, more clinical adol: sex, critical teen: comforting, like adutls
What is huge adv of grandparents for preg women? bridge gap from adol with own mother
Doctor visits start out once a month, then q 2wks, then q wk, when does this occur? Wk 28 q2wks, wk 36 q wk til birth
What does the Lamaze offer preg women? empowers confidence in body, trust inner wisdom, make informed choices
What is the centering preg approach? prenatal care by midwife to assess risk, edu, support in group setting with holistic/comprehensive focus
What is usually initial reason to seek care in preg? info for what is normal during preg
What is necessary before screening preg woman for drugs informed signed consent
What is in most assessments of physical examination? VS, BP, ht, wt, BMI, urine spec, one vaginal exam is recommended
when is the glucose tolerance test given in preg? 28 wks
What is considered prehypertensive in preg? hypertensive? pre:120-139/80-89 Hyp: 140/90
what are signs of prob in 1st tri severe V/D, chills, fever, burning w/ pee, cramping, bleeding
what are signs of prob in 2nd/3rd tri? sever V/D, sudden discharge of fluid, bleeding, severe backache, no mvmt, cramping, blurring, swell face, headaches, abd pain, + glucose
What could incr of fundal height mean? Decr in fundal ht mean? incr: multifetal, hydramnios decr: IUGR intrauterine growth restriction
Quickening happens when? Feeling life in 16-20 wks
What is the MSAFP, maternal serum alpha fetoprotein test done for? what is triple screen test for? MSAFP: 15-20 wks for NTDs Triple screen: Down syndrome
Can women with HIV positive breast feed? no, discouraged bc of HIV transmission
What sports should be avoided in preg? downhill skiing, ice hockey, soccer, basketball, scuba diving
What are two most common causes of fetal deaths? 1. result of injury 2. placental separation(abruptio placentae) from collision
Is drinking any alcohol advised? no, complete abstinence
Smoking can cause what in preg? preterm labor, PROM, abruptio placentae, placenta previa, fetal death
Discomforts to preg ptyalism- excessive salivation "ptooee" epistaxis- nosebleeds
How to recognize preterm labor contractions q 10 min for 1hr, bloody spotting/liquid
what is a muneco? Mexican women have cord to prevent mornign sickness adn ensure safe birth worn over umbilicus
Latinos view sex as what? Vietnamese view sex how? Latinos: neccesary to lubricate canal Viet: sex harm mom and baby
Which ethnic group has highest adol birth rate? In industrialized world? Hispanic adolescents US
Which group of women are at risk for LBW infants? primipara 35+ LBW, premature birth, IUGR, abruptio placentae, multiple births
Congenital malformations are twice as likely in which twin monozygomatic
How much wt should be gained in preg 25-35 lbs
What is key issue for preg women to attend child birthing classes? What is key to childbirth satisfaction? fear of pain Control in childbirth
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