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test 2

Where and when should a specimen be labeled? beside the patient immediately after collection
C & S used to determine the infectious agent causing infection
what on label? type of specimen, when sent to lab, when taken, patient name and birth date
types of urine collection routine voiding, midstream, catheter specimen, straight cath, 24-hour collect, urine sugar and Acetone (S&A)
24-hour collect special notes time begins after first void, every void goes in container, place sign in room, must be on ice or refrigerated, must start over if missed void
urine sugar and acetone fro patients on TPN (total Parenteral Nutrition)
stool specimens O&P (ova and parasite), C&S, or blood occult
who performs a blood occult stool test? the nurse or person collecting
sputum specimen is for: cultivation of microorganisms
throat swabs do before they eat or at least an hour after--avoiding vomiting and food particles
wound drainage collect from inside the wound
types of specimen collection urine, stool, vaginal, wound, throat, sputum
polyuria--aka diuresis abnormal amounts of urine
oliguria/anuria absent or scant urine output;less than 100ml in 24 hrs; should be at least 30 ml an hour
nocturia night time voiding
urgency sensation to go regardless of need
Dysuria painful urination
hesitancy delay and difficulty starting the void; common prostate problem
dribbling leaking between voids
enuresis periodic incontinence, despite usual continence
retension lack of ability to urinate
incontinence inability ton control elimination; can be urinary or bowel
types of incontinence stress, urge, reflex, functional, total, overflow
stress due to pressure on bladder
urge after strong sense of urgency
reflex involuntary loss at predictable intervals
funtional inability to get to the bathroom or undress
overflow bladder doesn't get completely emptied upon voiding
when can the bladder be palpated? only when it is full will it rise above the symphasis pubis
assessment of urinary elimination includes history, palpation of bladder, meatus (color redness pain), urine (amt, clarity, color, odor, pH, protein, specific gravity, glucose, keytones, blood)
hematuria blood in urine
pyuria puss in urine
proteinuria protein in urine
ketonuria keytones in urine
nursing diagnosis related to urinary incontinence (stress/total/urge/functional/reflex); risk for infection; self-care deficit, toileting; risk for imparied skin integrity; altered urinary elimination; urinary retention
external catheter condom or texas catheter
assessment of bowel history, inspection for distension, auscultate before palpation, assess stool, condition of skin around anus
types of enemas cleansing(stimulates peristalsis by irritating the colon), retention (introduces oil in the rectum-hold for 30 min), kayexelate/steroid.
Created by: laceynickie