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Nutrition-Dr Cherry

Nutrition-Chapters 1-3

What diseases can be controlled by diet? Type II diabetes and heart disease
What are the critical components of wellness? Nutrition and physical activity
Nutrition encompasses what aspects? Consumption, digestion, absorption, Metabolism, storage and excretion
Nutrition studies what aspects of FOODS? Psychological, Food safety, Global food supply, and cultural
Diseases that nutrition play a role are Osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and some forms of cancer
Nutrients are chemical in food that are critical to human growth and function
What are the 6 groups of nutrients? Carbs, Fats and Oils, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals and Water
Which nutrients provide energy? Carbohydrates, Proteins and fat and oils
Micronutreints vitamins and minerals
Vitamins are made up of Fat soluble and Water soluble
Fat soluble vitamins -A,D,E and K -Dissolve easily in fats and oils -can be stored in the body -too much=toxicity
Water soluble vitamins -Vitamin C and B -remain dissolved water -can not be stored in the body -eliminated by kidneys
What are minerals? inorganic substance required for body process
What do minerals include? Sodium, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, and Magnesium
What are the minerals functions? -fluid regulations -bone structure -muscle movement -nerve functioning
What are the MAJOR minerals we need each day? -calcium, potassium -Phosphorus, sodium -Magnesium, chloride
What are the TRACE minerals(require less) we need each day -Iron -Zinc -Copper -Fluoride
Micronutrients Minerals and water
Macronutrients Energy nutrients
Organic foods foods that are grown with out pesticides
a healthful diet adequate, moderate,balanced,varied
Adequate diet provides enough energy, vitamins and minerals and fiber to to support person health
balanced diet contains right combinations of food to provide a proper balance of nutrients
variety eating many types of foods each day
the TOOLS for designing a healthful diet may include Food labels, dietary guidelines for americans, Myplate.gov, eating plans
List of Nutrients Fat, Cholesterol,sodium, carbs,protein, and some vitamins and minerals
Percent Daily Value 1)describes how much a serving of food contributes to your total intake of a nutrient 2)Based on a diet of 2000 calories 3)Can be used to determined if a product is low or high in a particular nutrient
RDI Recommended Dietary Allowance
DRV Daily Reference Value
Protein contains nitrogen
vitiamins are classified as fat and water soluble
Fat engergy densed
minerals ionorganic nutrients that are not broken down by the body or destroyed by heat or light
carbohydrates primary source of fuel for the brain
nutrients divided into 6 groups
first step in scientific method oberservation of a phenomenon
overconsumption of this has greatest potential of toxicity vitamin D
water NOT organic
case control study study that compares a group of individuals with a disease to another similar but healthy group
(CDC) Center of diease contol and prevention federal agency that protects human health and safety
Amino Acids building block for proteins
Calcium(Mineral) Inorganic nutrient
Vitamins A,D,E and K can potentially be toxic
experimental group a group given a specific treatment or intervention during an experiment
Excess sodium in diet can cause hypertension
diets in low sodium and hidnh in potassium can REDUCE risck of hypertension
Government agency that regulates food labeling FDA- US food and drug administration
Required on food label Net contents, statement of identity, name and address of vendor
Healthy fats nuts and vegetable oil
Four characteristics of a healthful diet adequacy, balance, moderation and variety
Cholecystokinin(CCK)signals the gallbladder to release this substance bile
Our genetic information, in the form of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is located here nucleus
GERD gastroesophageal reflux disease
Created by: mollyjean3