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if a chest tube is placed in the 2nd intercostal space, then it is for air
if the chest tube is placed in the 8th-9th intercostal space, then it is for drainage
After the chest tube is sutured into the chest, then what type of dressing is placed? air tight or vaseline
if the drainage chamber of a CDU fills, then what? replace entire system
how many cm of sterile water should be placed in the water seal chamber? 2
______ is commonly seen in the water-seal chamber tidaling
if the patient has an open pneumothorax, what could be seen in the water-seal chamber? intermittent bubbling
the suction control chamber controls the amount of _______ applied. pressure
how man cm of sterile water should be placed in this chamber? 20 cm
what is normally seen in the suction-control chamber? gentle continous bubbling.
Drainage should be recorded when? q hour for the first 24 hours, and then q 8 hours after that
when should the physician be notified regarding drainage? if there is 100ml or more in the first hour or if the color of the drainage has turned bright red.
The CDU should be kept ______ below the level of the chest
if the tubing becomes disconnected? reconnect as fast as possible
if the CDU falls over or breaks, then the nurse should _____ reestablish the water-seal
if the chest tube is accidently pulled out then it should be recovered with ______ a 3-sided dressing
When the chest tube is connected to wall suction, then what will be seen in the suction-control chamber? continous bubbling
When the chest tube is removed, ask the client to deep breath and hold (valsalva)
what is a good indicator of tension pneumothorax? tracheal deviation
what is the main treatment for tension pneumothorax? large bore needle placed into the 2nd ICS to remove air
an open pneumothorax is sometimes called a sucking chest wound
paradoxial chest wall movement is characteristic of flail chest
to assess chest symmetry ______ stand at the foot of the bed and observe chest wall movements
A patient with flail chest is usually treated by being put on a ventilator with PEEP
pulmonary embolism can lead to cor pulmonale or right sided heart failure
if patient has a PE, we want to measure what? CVP
What is diagnostic of a pulmonary embolism? D-dimer
if the patinet is a post-op client, what diagnostic assessmnet would be more accurate? VQ scan
Created by: SouthernBelle