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The risk for injury from burns is greatest in whom? young and old
Where do most burns occur? home
the majority of fluid loss with a burn occurs within the _____ first 24 hours
What is the most common airway injury? carbon monoxie poisoning
this is used to determine the extend of BSA burned rule of 9's
this is used to calculate fluid replacement parkland formula
Fluid replacement occurs when for a burn patient? within the first 24 hours
For a burn patient, what is the most adequate way to determine fluid status, other than CVP? urine output
Besides being wrapped in a blanket, what else could help stop burns? cool water
_____ should never be used with burns because it causes too much vasoconstriction. ice
Due to swelling, _____ should be removed after a burn. jewlrey and non-adherent restrictive clothing
When a client is receiving fluids rapidly, what should be monitored hourly? CVP
which is preferred for a burn patient: IV meds, or IM meds IV
Tetanus toxoid is considered ____ immunity active
immune globulin is considered ____ immunity. passive
if patient has a circumferential burn, you should worry about? circulation
what are ways to relieve pressure from a circumfrential burn? escharotomy or fasiotomy
urine output should be measured hourly
why would a burn patient's urine be brown or red? release of myoglobin
if the urine turns a different color, what could potentiallly happen to the kidney? could fail
what electrolyte imbalance is most prominent in burns? hyperkalemia
Due to stress, hyperkalemia, or loss of fluid, a _____ _____ could form in the GI tract. curling's ulcer
To help combat a paralytic illeus, what would the nurse insert? NG tube connected to suction
What is the most sensitive indicator of nutritional status? pre-albumin
what type of isolation will a burn patient be placed under? reverse/protective
hydrotherapy is used to debride
hydrotherapy can cause cross-contamination
what should be the nurse's priority for a patient who is about to undergo hydrotherapy? pain managment
you should always do what before starting a patient on broad spectrum antibiotics? collect wound cultures
what is the most important intervention for a patient who comes in with an electrical burn? put them on a continuous heart monitor for 24 hours
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