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Hx of Anesthesia

Important dates and people

Claims to be the first to use ether to relieve pain in minor procedures 1841 Crawford Long
CT dentist driven out of Boston after failed attempt of using Nitric Oxide- Humbug 1845 Horace Wells
American Dental Association and American Medical Association credited who with discovery of N20 Wells
What happened 165 years ago in the Bullfinch building? William Thomas Green Morton first used ether- no humbug
Who was the printer that Morton used the ether on? Abbott
Who removed Abbotts vascular tumor? Warren
Whose tombstone read this: "Inventor and Revealer of Inhalational anesthesia?" Morton
What four men stake their claim in conquering surgical pain? Long, Wells, Morton, and Jackson
Who was first to perform surgery on an etherized patient in Philadelphia to remove a cheek tumor? Thomas Mutter
Philadelphia's first OB delivery under ether was performed by who? Mitchell
Who was the first anesthesiologist who gave chloroform to the Queen Victoria during the birth of Prince Leopald? John Snow
Who perfected an apparatus to distill ethyl ether by steam and didn't patent it? Edward Squibb
Who was the Bostonian that had an anesthesia monument erected in the Public Garden? Thomas Lee
Name a nurse who provided anesthesia to soldiers in the Civil War Catharine Lawrence
Where was the first school of Nurse Anesthesia formed in 1909? St. Vincent Hospital in Portland, Oregon
Who painted the "Gross Clinic?" Thomas Eakin
Who were the surgeon and anesthetist in "The Gross Clinic"? Gross & Hearn
First CRNA- nun Sr. Mary Bernard Sheridan
What hospital was established by the sisters of St. Francis? St. Mary's hospital
Mother of Anesthesia? open drop ether technique Alice Magaw
Who administered anesthesia with Dr. Crile during WW1? Agatha Hodgins
Who established the Lakeside Hospital School of Anesthesia? Hodgins
What was the first legal challenge? Frank vs. South
Who was anti-CRNA and became crippled? McMechan
Who founded NANA (AANA)? Hodgins
Who did Vern Hunt hire as his personal CRNA? Dagmar Nelson
What was the 2nd legal challenge? Chalmers- Francis Vs. Nelson
Who was the American CRNA that trained British nurses? Anne Penland
Who first publicly recognized CRNA's in a book? Virginia Thatcher
Philadelphia Nurse Anesthetist, AANA's first VP, Jewish, PANA's first president Hilda Solomon
Who wrote "Watchful Care"? Marianne Bankert
Who was a pioneering educator? Helen Lamb
Who do we honor because of her professional advocacy? Ira Gunn
What state was first to "opt out"? Iowa
Created by: Jmw015