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Europe Part 1


The 2nd smallest continent is Europe
How many countries are in Europe? 40
Europe is the only continent without deserts
Europes good climate and rich soil create productive farms and industry
Who ruled Europe 1500 years ago Romans
Main religion of Europe Christianity
Western Europe is less than 5% of earth's landmass, but its people have dominated much of the world's history
3 Division of Europe Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and European Russia
When was European union formed 1957
Why was European union formed To improve trade and cooperation between European countries.
State benefits of European Union (List 3)
What is Europe's currency Euro
How many countries use the Euro 11 today and 16 in the near future
Council of Europe is an organization formed to protect human rights. It has 41 members
Where do most people live in Western Europe Cities
Advantages of living in cities: Disadvantages: List 4 List 2
What country has 2000 islands? Greece
What is the birthplace of civilization? Athens
Who hosted the 2004 Olympic Games? Athens
What is the largest island? Great Britain
The name of the island group with Great Britain and Ireland British Isles
What are 3 former kingdoms on the island of Great Britain England, Wales, and Scotland
Association of former British Colonies = British Commonwealth
Capital of Great Britain London
3 Countries that are in Great Britain England (London) Wales (Crdiff) Scotland (Edinburg)
Religion of Great Britain Protestant
How many people live in London? 6 and 1/2 million
What makes up the United Kindgom? (4 political divisions under 1 nation) England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland
Capital of Ireland Dublin
Nickname of Ireland The Emerald Isles
Religion of Ireland Catholic
Capital of Northern Ireland (Ulster) Belfast
Religion of Northern Ireland Protestant
Describe the conflict occuring in Ireland: Religious differences, Loyal to British Monarchy, Descendents of British
What is the Irish Republican Army? Radicalgroups of terrorist. They have killed over 3000 people with over 10000 bombs.
What is the goal of the IRA (Irish Republican Army)? Force British Parliament to surrender control of Ulster
What is the nickname for Scandinavia? Why is it given that name? The Land of the Midnight Sun - It lies above the Artic Circle. It has 1 month with no day light, but the end of May to July there is sun 24 hours a day.
Name the contitutional Monarchies of Scandinavia: Norway, Sweden, Denmark
What is the Aurora Borealis? Northen Lights
What is the capital of Sweden Stockholm
What is Sweden's land like? It is made up of 14 islands connected by 50 bridges.
Created by: ashley.baldwin