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Respiratory Pathogen

Goljan - Summary of respiratory microbial pathogens

Rhinovirus MCC of the common cold Transmitted by Hand to eye-nose contact Other causes of the cold - Coronavirus, adenovirus, influenza C virus, coxsackievirus
Coxsackievirus Acute chest syndrome: Fever with pleuritis
RSV MCC of atypical pneumonia and bronchiolitis (wheezing) in children; otitis media in older children Occurs in late fall/winter Passive immunization: palivizumab (monoclonal-Ab) reduces hospitalization rates
Parainfluenza MCC of Croup in infants Inspir stridor due to submucosal edema in trachea; brassy cough; signs of resp. distress. Ant. neck Xray-"Steeple Sgn," mucosal edema in the trachea Bronchiolitis in infants Tx-Cold H2O humidifiers & aerosolized racemic epineph
CMV Common Pneumonia in immunocompromised hosts (eg. Bone marrow transplants, AIDS) Enlarged alveolar macrophages/pneumocytes, contain basophilic intranuclear inclusions surrounded by a halo
Influenza General Type A most often involved Hemagglutinins bind virus to cell receptors w/in the nasal passages Neuroaminidase dissolves mucus and facilitates release of viral particles
Influenza A & B A... More common World wide epidemics; pneumonia may be complicated by a superimposed bacterial pneumonia (usually Staph. Aureus) B... Causes major outbreaks
Influenza Clinical Clinical-Fever, headache, cough, myalgias, chest pain Vaccination-Mandatory for people >65yrs
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