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IM, ID, and SC


Angle for IM injection 90 deg.
Max volume for IM 3 ml
needle guage for IM 21-23
length for IM 1-1.5 inch
aAngle for ID injections 15 deg.
length for ID 3/8-1/2 inch
Max dose for ID 0.1 ml
guage for ID 25-27
special note when making ID injection Bevel must be turned up and needle only goes in just past bevel
Sites for IM include: ventrogluteal(use heel of hand on greater trochanter), vastus lateralis(one hand width below hip and one hand width above knee), deltoid (three finger width below acromian process), dorsogluteal(supine-upper lateral buttock quadrant)
Do you aspirate with IM injections? always
Do you massage after IM? yes
Do you massage after SC? Yes except if it is Heperin or Lovenox (anti-coagulant)
Do you aspirate with SC? Yes unless Heparin or Lovenox (anti-coagulants).
What do you do immediately after an injection of any kind? throw needle in sharps, remove golves, wash hands and chart on the MAR.
ID sites include: thin, non-hairy area (inner forearm)
Do you rub or massage an ID no, never
Do you use dead space with an ID? no
needle length with SC 1/2-5/8 inch
max dose with SC 1.5ml
guage for SC 25-27
angle used for SC injections 45 deg.
SC sites include: outer aspect of upper arm, abdomen and thighs
How much dead space do you pull into the syringe? 0.3ml
do you pinch or stretch the skin with an SC injection pinch up
Do you pinch up the skin or stretch with an ID injection? stretch
Do you pinch or spread skin with IM injections? spread with dorsogluteal site and pinch with the deltoid
Created by: laceynickie