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Rules for Chinese

Basic Level 1

tones ā á ǎ à ō ó ǒ ò ē é ě è ī í ǐ ì ū ú ǔ ù ǖ ǘ ǚ ǜ ü Ā Á Ǎ À Ō Ó Ǒ Ò Ē É Ě È
What are consonants called? Initials
What are vowels called? Finals
What are the third parts of pronunciation? Tones
How many simple finals are there in Chinese? 6
What are the simple finals? a o e i u ǖ
What is the prononciation key for the last simple final? ǖ i______
What are the lengths of prononciation per syllable? Equally long
What do the order of finals symbolize? From large mouth opening to small
What are all Chinese tones based upon? A support core or resting tone
Spelling rules for i change to y if there is no initial(consonant)
Spelling rules for in, ing, o add y (yin, ying, yo)
Spelling rules for u: add y and drop umlet when no intial (yu, yuan, yue, yun)
Spelling rules for u change to w if no intial
Spelling rules for ueng is written as ong if preceded by an initial (tong)
What is used to separate two syllables with connecting vowels? an apostrophe ( ' )
Prononciation of " Q " like "ch" in English but teeth touch lower incisors
If two third tone syllables are spoken in succession... the first third tone becomes a second tone sound, this is not done in writing, called a tone sandhi
pronounciation of " ou " begin with open round mouth and slightly close, like "toe" in English
How much space in Chinese is taken up by finals? 95%
How many initials are there? 21 + w and y (u,i)
What are the hardest initials to pronounce? s s as in sun , c = ts, z = beds x = huge, q = church, j = ajar, sh = shinbone, ch = nuture, zh = merger
What are the rules for a neutral tone? First syllables are not neutralized
Where do tone marks fall on compound syllables? They fall according to the order of aperture: first(a, o, e, i, u, u:)last
What is the exception to the order of tone marks rule? The iù because the ù stands for ou
Which compound final is longer? The second
Which compound final is emphasized? The first
Which letters do not need a umlet when placed with ü? j, q, y (beware that pronunciation still has an i sound)
How do ua, uan, uang change when no initial is present? wa, wan, wang
How does u change when no initial is present?
How do ia, ie, iao, ian, iang change when there is no initial? ya, ye, yao, yan. yang
How does i change when there is no initial? yi
Created by: arditti
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