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morgans vocabulary


Epic a long poem that tells a story of a hero
Barbarians the name given by the Greek to any people who were not greek
Colonies areas set up in conquered land by Greek city states for use when they themselves become overpopulated
Minoan (min-o-un) an ancient Cretan cilization
Myth legends or stories that attempt to explain natural events
Dorians a group that invaded Creece around 1000B.C.
Hallens the name the Dorians gave themselves
Acropolis a hilltop fortess in Ancient Athens which included the parthenon and other famous bulidings where citizens met to discuss affairs of the community
agora the central marketplace in the Anient Athens and the site of numerous temples and government
mattock a heavy hoe witch was the chief-tool of Greek farmers
drama a serious play or theatrical event
metics a class of people in Athens who were not citezens
Helots one of the Spartan slave classes
city-state a self governing unit made up of a city and it's surrounding villages and farmland
Homer a Greek epic poet and author of the Iliad and Odeyssey
monarchy a system of government in which a monarch-a king, or emperor is the sole and absolute ruler
oligarchy a system of goverment in which a few people rule
democracy a system of governmant in which the people rule, ethier directly or through electaed representatives
tyrant a ruler who has absolute power (not limited by a consitution or by other officals)
polis a city-state in Ancient Greece
trireme a major sailing vessel powered by three banks of oarsmen
fresco a painting done on fresh plaster with water colors
Peloponnesus a hilly manjor peninusla in Greece
ostracized shunned,avoid
oracle places where god spoke directly to man
phalanx special Greek battle formation where soldiers formed rows, closely pressed together
hpilosophy the study of the meaning and knowledge of life
Sophocles a famous Greek writer
Pericles a Greek leader of the golden Age
Ionia a group of Greek cities on the coast of Asian Minor
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