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8th Grade Greek & La

Week 20

MALUS bad, ugly, evil, ill (L)
E/EX out of; beyond; from; former (L)
ARCHOS chief, principal, primitive (G)
ARCUS bow, arc (L)
CIRCUM around, about (L)
KYKLOS ring, circle, wheel (G)
PERI around (G)
malady illness, any undesirable condition
dismal evil or unlucky; dreary, causing gloom
malaria bad air; a disease carried by some mosquitoes
malign to utter injuriously misleading or false reports; to speak evil of
exit to go out; the door through which you leave
effort strenuous physical or mental exertion
educate to lead out of ignorance
erase to rub out or obliterate
archaeology study of the beginnings of man
architect one who designs new buildings
monarchy rule by one person
patriarch founding father of a family or country; ruling father figure
arc part of a circle
arcade a row of arches supported by pillars
archery the sport of shooting arrows from a bow
circle a perfectly round plane figure
circus a round area surrounded by seating for performances by trained animals, acrobats...
circulation movement in a circular motion or course
circumstance that which stands around or surrounds; conditions existing at a certain time.
cycle any complete round or recurring series
cyclone a storm characterized by circular wind motion; a tornado
encyclopedia a series of books of knowledge needed for a well-rounded education
Cyclops any of a group of giants in Greek mythology having a round eye in the middle of the forehead
perimeter distance around outside of an area
periscope device for seeing around obstacles
period completion of a cycle; dot at end of a sentence
peripheral carry around the outside; extra
Created by: LiseBrinkley
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