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Latin unit6

Latin for Americans Unit 6

sine cum
remaneo migro
multi pauci
bonus malus
amitto invenio
olim nunc
produco reduco
recipio dono
abesse adesse
inimicus amicus
per annum by the year
dei gratia by the grace of god
sub rosa in secret
auxilio ab alto by aid from on high
via media a middle way
pro bono publico for the public good
magnum bonum a great good
pro patria for one's country
ex officio as a result of one's position
deo gratias thanks to God
Who wrote Aeneid? Virgil
Who often shown with winged hat and sandals? Mercury
Who wanted Aeneas to stay and fight for her country? Dido
What were the "Sibyls"? Fortune tellers
Carthaginian who tried to conquer Rome in the Second Punic War? Hannibal
Two types of Roman weapons that were used to besiege a city Battering ram and ballista
Goddess of woods and hunt as well as protector of women Diana
Large central room in a Roman house Atrium
Basin used to collect rain water Impluvium
The doorkeeper in a Roman house was called Ianitor
The study of a roman house was called Tablinum
Garden surrounded by columns were called Peritylium
What did Roman use for light? Lamps and candles
What did Roman heat rooms with Portable charcoal heaters
Romans lived in apartment building called what Insulae
What Romans use to decorate the outside of their homes concrete, brick, stone, stucco, wood
The wealthy Romans had country house called what? Villae
The two children of Latona Apollo and Diana
Created by: bridget1995