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NLE Myth Review 1

The man who first tried to fly was the artisan... Daedalus
Mercury was ... of the gods messenger
Achilles' tutor Chiron was a.... centaur
The Roman god with a face looking forwards, and one looking backwards is.... Janus
Pluto took Persephone, daughter of ... to the Underworld to be his queen. Ceres
.... fought the Minotaur in Crete Theseus
Orpheus did not succeed in bring Eurydice back from death because he looked back
The legendary founder of Rome was... Romulus
Pyramus and .... were famous lovers who died tragic deaths. Thisbe
Theseus slew the Minotaur with the help of ... Ariadne
.... was the queen of the gods and patron of marriage Juno
Daedalus' son .... fell into the sea and drowned Icarus
The Trojan leader .... was the ancestor of the Romans Aeneas
Medusa, one of the three.... could turn a man to stone. Gorgons
Romulus and Remus were the sons of... Mars
Hercules went to ... to fetch Cerberus. the Underworld
The Saturnalia holiday is roughly comparable to.... Christmas
The Greek hero ... is associated with Danae, Medusa and Andromeda. Perseus
Often pictured wearing a helmet,.... is also known to the Greeks as goddess of arts and crafts. Athena
.... tried to recapture his dead wife from the Underworld. Orpheus
Created by: hcmeek