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ReadE 5

Lesson 5 Vocab

belittle to make someone or something seem small or unimportant
abode the place where one lives
agitate to excite or disturb
ample enough or more than enough
clamor a loud and continuing noise
compassion a feeling of sorrow or pity for another
fugitive a person who is running away, usually one trying to escape capture by the law
linger to continue to stay, usually because of being of being unwilling to leave
listless showing no interest in what is going on; having no desire to do anything active
melancholy sad or gloomy
perceive to see,hear,taste,smell,or feel; to be aware of
perish to be destroyed,ruined, or wiped out; to die
relish enjoyment; anything that adds pleasure or interest
reminisce to think,talk,or write about one's experiences in the past
timidity a lack of courage or confidence;shyness
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