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The Cell A&P1

The study of cells Cytology
Prokaryotic - give 4 identifiers & 1 example (first nucleus) No nuclear membrane, DNA in CIRCULAR double helix, lack of organelles, 70S ribosomes & bacteria
Eukaryotic - give 4 identifiers & 1 example (true nucleaus) nuclear membrane, DNA in seperate chromosomes, organelles present, 80S ribosomes & human (all cells except bacteria)
Plasma cell membranes consist of (2) Phospholipid bilayer & proteins
phospholipid biayer is held together by _____ & _________, NOT __________ bonds likes & dislikes. not a chemical bond.
phospholipid bilayer consists of (2). what is their charge? hydroPHILIC heads (charge) & hydroPHOBIC tails (no charge)
the 4 protein functions channels, receptors, enzymes, carriers
substance (calcium, hormones) binds loosly to receptor to activate ligand-gated
electric charge or current activates voltage-gated
proteins act as _________ on the outside surface receptors
proteins act as _________ on the inner surface Enzymes
proteins transport glucose as _________ carriers
channels can be ________ or ________ open or closed
cell mambranes interacting junction
cell arrangement fluid mosaic theory
transmission of impulses from one cell to another gap junction
gap junctions in the human body found in (2) heart & smooth muscle
hold cells tightly together to prevent substances from passing in between cells tight junction
weld spots hold cells tightly together. 2 examples desmosomes. skin & bladder
organelles small organs
double membrane with pores nucleus
nucleolus is the site of _________ ribosome assembly
DNA + protein chromosomes
chromosomes consist of DNA & protein
ribsomes are the site of __________ protein synthesis
Ribosomes consist of rRNA + protein
rough ER makes proteins for export
intracellular protein polysomes
system of enclosing narrow channels ER
ER is countinuous with what membranes countinuous with nuclear & cell membranes
rough ER invloved with protein synthesis
smooth ER involved with lipid synthesis & detoxification
generally near the nucleus Golgi Complex
flattened sacs cisternae
golgie complex consists of cisternae (flattened sacs) & globular vesicles
Golgi principle function PSPD (process, sort, package, deliver) proteins
golgi produces what 2 types of vesicles secretory vesicles (insulin) & lysosomes
vesicles that export protein secretory vesicles
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