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Lingua - Cap XIII

Chapter 13 of Lingua Latina

annus, -ī year m
mēnsis, -is month m
diēs, -ēī day, date m (f)
saeculum, -ī century n
tempus, -oris time n
faciēs, -ēī face f
māne morning, in the morning – indecl n, adv
vesper, -erī evening m
nox, noctis night f
initium, -ī beginning n
hōra, -ae hour f
merīdiēs, -ēī midday, noon, south m
lūna, -ae moon f
stēlla, -ae star f
lūx, lūcis light, daylight f
fōrma, -ae form, shape, figure f
kalendae, -āum the 1st (of the month) f pl
īdūs, -uum 13th, 15th (of the month) f pl
nōnae, -ārum 5th/7th (of the month) f pl
aestās, ātis summer f
hiems, -mis winter f
vēr, vēris spring n
autumnus, -ī autumn m
imber, -bris rain, shower m
nix, nivis snow f
lacus, -ūs lake m
glaciēs, -ēī ice f
urbs, -bis city f
postrēmus, -a, -um last (sup)
dīmidius, -a, -um half
aequus, -a, -um equal, calm
clārus, -a, -um bright, clear, loud
tōtus, -a, -um the whole of, all
obscūrus, -a, -um dark
exiguus, -a, -um small, scanty
calidus, -a, -um warm, hot (f hot water)
frīgidus, -a, -um cold, chilly, cool
ūndecim eleven
trīgintā thirty
sexāgintā sixty
ducentī, -ae, -a two hundred
trecentī, -ae, -a three hundred
quīntus, -a, -um fifth
sextus, -a, -um sixth
septimus, -a, -um seventh
octāvus, -a, -um eighth
nōnus, -a, -um ninth
decimus, -a, -um tenth
ūndecimus, -a, -um eleventh
duodecimus, -a, -um twelfth
nōmināre name, call
illūstrāre illuminate
in-cipere, -iō coepisse, coeptum begin
operīre, -uisse, -ertum cover
velle, volō, voluisse want, be willing
erat errant ?
vel or
tunc then
nunc now
igitur therefore, then, so
item likewise, also
quandō? when, as
superlātīvus superlative – the best, 3rd term of comparison
Created by: suzie865