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Geo. Europe Test

Study Guide For Europe Test

Europe is the _____ smallest country 2nd
There are over ____ countries in Europe 40
There are over _____ different languages in Europe 50
Why does Europe have productive farms and industry? Good climate and rich soils
Who ruled Europe until 1,500 years ago? The Romans
How has Europe influenced the rest of the world? It has influenced it in law, language, architecture, education, and religion
What is the main religion in Europe? Christianity
Which area's people have dominated much of the world's history? Western Europe
What percentage of the world's land mass does Western Europe make up? only 5%
What regions are descendents of Western Europe? North America, South America, and Australia
When was the Europen Union formed? 1957
What is the purpose of the European Union? to improve trade and cooperation between European countries
How many members of the European Union are there? 27
Name advantages of the European Union free trade, standard measuring systems, and standard safety regulations for workers
What is the single currency that replaced national currencies? Euro
When was the euro launched? January 1st, 1999
How many countries use the euro? 16 and counting
What is the Council of Europe? an organization formed to protect human rights
Where do most people live in Western Europe? cities
Advantages of cities? stores, restaurants, cinemas, concerts, and museums
Disadvantages of cities? crowding and pollution
Name industries in Western Europe manufacturing and designing (esp. cars and clothes)
What is rural life like in Western Europe? farms are large and industrialized
What is the "birthplace" of western civilization? Athens, Greece
Great Britain = the large island
British Isles = the island group with Great Britain and Ireland
England, Wales, and Scotland = former kingdoms on the island of Great Britain
United Kingdom = 4 political divisions united under 1 nation
British Commonwealth = association of former British colonies
How many countries make up Great Britain? 3 (England, Wales, Scotland)
London, Stonehenge, and Liverpool are in England
Cardiff and King Arther are associated with Wales
Lochs and glens can be found in Scotland
What religion is Great Britain? mainly Protestant
Largest city in United Kingdom London
Ireland is also known as the Emerald Isle
Capital of Ireland Dublin
Religion of Ireland Roman Catholic
What is gaelic? Ireland's ancient Celtic language
Capital of Northern Ireland Belfast
What is Northern Ireland sometimes called? Ulster
Religion of Northern Ireland Protestant
Why is there conflict between Ireland and Northern Ireland? Northern Ireland is mainly made up of British descendents so therefore they are PROTESTANT and loyal to the BRITISH MONARCH. But the Catholic majority wants N. Ireland to rejoin Ireland
What is the Irish Republic Army? A radical group of terrorists who wanted to force the British Parliament to surrender control of Ulster.
Why is Scandinavia called the "Land of the Midnight Sun"? The northern part is above the Arctic Circle so therefore during the winter there is one month without sunlight but then during the summer there is a month of total sunlight
Norway, Sweden and Denmark have what type of government? Constitutional Monarchy
Finland and Iceland have what kind of government? Republic
What is the Aurora Borealis? The Northern Lights caused by solar wind
Scandinavia religion is 90% _____ Lutheran
Capital of Sweden Stockholm
What country is made up of 14 islands connected by bridges? Sweden
Largest country in Europe France
Capital of France Paris
What religion is the majority of France? Roman Catholic (but growing muslim population)
Name two rivers in France Seine and Loire
What island in the Mediterranean does France own? Corsica
What are low countries? ones located on coastal lowlands and low plateaus
Amsterdam, Dutch, and tulips are associated with the Netherlands
Brussels, chocolate, and lace are associated with Belgium
What is a duchy? a country ruled by a duke
Luxembourg has what form of government? a duchy
Capital of Germany Berlin
Birthplace of Reformation Germany
Germany is the most _____ country in Europe. populous
Rivers in Germany Rhine and Danube
Famous geographical landmark of Germany. Also the home of Brothers Grimm and cuckoo clocks. Black Forest
Castle in Germany the Walt Disney modeled the Disney World castle after Neuschwanstein Castle
Red Cross Headquarters, watches, banks, and St. Bernard dogs Switzerland
Tiny principality between Switzerland and Austria Liechternstein
ruled by prince principality
The primary mountain range in the Alpine mountain system Alps
8 mile passage between Spain and Africa Strait of Gibralter
Spain is the top producer of _____ olives
Small country between Spain and France Andorra
Portugal produces ____, ____, and _____. sardines, fish, and wine
Capital of Portugal Lisbon
Capital of Italy Rome
What river does Rome lie on? Tiber
Nickname for Rome Eternal City
Banking center in Italy Milan
City in Italy built on a lagoon Venice
Name two Italian islands Sicily and Sardinia
Principality on French Riviera (Monte Carlo) Monaco
Worlds "oldest" republic San Marino
Smallest country in the world that is ruled by the pope Vatican City
Gozo and Malta are islands that make up this country Malta
Where is Greece located? Balkan Peninsula
What religion is Greece? Eastern Orthodox
Greece consists of over _____ islands including Crete. 500
Who ruled Eastern Europe until the 1990s? Commusnist USSR
Eastern Europe is now a patchwork of _______ _____. independent states
Eastern Europe has been an area with many ____ wars
Why has pollution been a big problem in Eastern Europe? Most factories were set up under Communism and used old-fashioned fuels and methods that allowed toxic gasses to escape
What infamous event happened in Ukraine? Chernobyl's nuclear power plant had a meltdown and released radioactive dust into the air
What did the collapse of the Soviet Union result with? An explosion of trade with the rest of the world
Name exports and imports of Eastern Europe Exports: wine and factory goods Imports: Technology
What country holds an old age record? Georgia
Due to its size, shape, and constantly changing number of countries, Eastern Europe is often called the _______ _______ Shatter belt
Capital of Austria Vienna
Lipizzaner horses and Mozart both come from ____ Austria
Capital of Czech Republic Prague
What two countries did Czechoslovakia split into? Czech Republic and Slovakia
AKA "White Russia" Belarus
Largest marsh in Europe Pinsk Marshes
Small, hostile nations with diverse religions and cultures Balkan Countries
Once place of a Nazi Death Camp Poland
Most populated city in Eastern Europe Kyiv
Place of Chernobyl Ukraine
What issue is there in the Crimean Peninsula? The area belongs to Ukraine BUT most people are originally from Russian and therefore want to rejoin Russia
World's largest country Russia
Name two Russian citites Moscow and St. Petersburg
Where is St. Basil's Cathedral? Moscow, Russia
What is Communism? It is when the state owns everything and distributes food, money, and medicine to the people. It also has very strict rules and makes it almost impossible to leave the country.
Famous writers from Russia Tolstoy, Pushkin, Dostoevsky
Which countries are in Scandinavia? Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland
Best known feature in Germany The Black Forest
A parcel of land reclaimed from the sea polders
What is an imaginary line in the Pacific Ocean that seperates days? International Date Line
What is the name of the organization founded by the former Soviet republics after the collapse of the Soviet Union? Commonwealth of Independent States
What is Balkanization? The tendency of a group of various nationalities to break up into small, hostile nations
Highest point in Europe Mount Elbrus
Lowest point in Europe Caspian Sea
Autocratic rulers of Russia from the middle of the sixteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth century czars
Who led the Russian Revolution? Vladamir Lenin
Deepest lake in the world Lake Baykal
Waterway between Russia and Alaska Bering Strait
AKA "Holy See" Vatican City
Nomadic reindeer herders in Scandanavia Saami
Which countries are lowlands? Netherlands, Belgium, and, Luxembourg
What waterway seperates England and France? English Channel
What connects France, England, and Belgium? Eurotunnel
Created by: DarkPeriwinkle