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Lesson 7 New Words

China Scene: An Advanced Chinese Multimedia Course

qǐng jiào to ask advice, to consult 请教
ān xǐ An Xi, name of a person 安喜
bù zhī bù jué unconsciously, without noticing 不知不觉
wài dì part of the country other than where one is 外地
xīn xiān shì new things, fresh things 新鲜事
hé fàn boxed meal 盒饭
yǒu hūn yǒu sù to have both meat and vegetable 有荤有素
huā yàng variety 花样
shí táng cafeteria 食堂
jiē tóu on the street 街头
jiǔ lóu restaurant 酒楼
píng kǎ to use a card 凭卡
shè huì huà to be socialized; socialization 社会化
jié zòu pace, rhythm 节奏
kuài sù huà to become fast-paced 快速化
dàng cì quality, high quality level 档次
pǐng zhǒng variety, assortment 品种
duō yàng huà to have variety 多样化
suí zhe along with, accompanying 随着
shēn rù to deepen 深入
bù rù to step into 步入
háng liè ranks 行列
gù dìng fixed 固定
jī guān office 机关
chǎo to stir fry 炒
mài jìn to stride forward 迈进
biàn then 便
shàng bān to go to work 上班
wèi yú to be located, to be situated 位于
dì ān mén Di'anmen, name of a street in Beijing 地安门
bù zú less than 不足
píng mǐ square meter 平米
zhuān gòng to specialize in supplying 专供
yú shì hū then 于是乎
fēn fēn one after another 纷纷
this 此
jiù cān to eat, to dine 就餐
dìng cān to order food 订餐
guāng only 光
gòng yìng supply 供应
gōng zuò liàng work load, amount of work 工作量
dīng zhe to keep the focus on 盯着
wán zi meatball 丸子
yóu cài rape (a kind of vegetable) 油菜
yáng western, foreign 洋
dùi jìng er to suit, to be fitting 对劲儿
hé fàn dà wáng King of Boxed Lunches, name of a restaurant 盒饭大王
tōng xùn gōng sī communication company 通讯公司
fàng qì to give up, to renounce 放弃
mǐ fàn rice 米饭
niú ròu miàn beef noodle 牛肉面
bāo zi steamed buns with meat, vegetable, or sweet filing 包子
to be bored of, to be tired of 腻
dā pèi to match, to balance 搭配
kě xuǎn selectable 可选
yú dì leeway, room, latitude 余地
yǐn jìn to introduce from, to import 引进
yàn shā yǒu yì shāng chéng Lufthansa Friendship Shopping Center, name of a shopping center 燕莎友谊商城
yuán gōng staff member 员工
pái duì to line up, to form a waiting line 排队
pèi cān to provide meals 配餐
wán bì to finish, to complete 完毕
shì yìng to fit in, to be suitable for 适应
jié zòu fast pace 节奏
bái lǐng rén white collar worker 白领人
chū mò yú to be in and out of 出没于
bīn guǎn guest house, hotel 宾馆
gāo xiào high efficiency 高效
fā chóu to worry, to be concerned about 发愁
qù chù place to go 去处
zhǒng lèi type, variety 种类
fēng fù duō cǎi rich and colorful 丰富多采
rì xīn yuè yì to change by days and months, to change continuously 日新月异
yíng yǎng nutrition 营养
bǔ chōng supplement, addition, complement 补充
jìn chéng process 进程
Created by: andreakim91
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