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Science No. Chp. 2


A single organism in am enviroment is called an ______ individual
Individual of the same kind living in the same enviroment make up a _______ population
A communtiy and its physical enviroment make up an _____ ecosystem
A ____ is where a organism lives or dwells habitat
The ______ shows how consumers in an ecosystem are connected to one another according to what they eat food chain
_____ and _____ are types of decomposers which break down tissues of dead organisms mushrooms, bacteria
____ are producers which use sunlight to make the food they need from carbon dioxide and water plants
Organisms that must eat to get the energy they need are are called _____ consumers
A ____ shows the relationship between many diffrent food chains ecosystem food web
_____ is a long term relationship between diffrent kinds of organisms symbosis
An behavior an organism inherits is called ____ instinct
A behavior an organism learns from their parents is called ______ learned behavior
When the last individual of a population dies and is gone forever it is _______ extinct
If an organism is endangered its might become extinct if ____ to save them are not taken steps
Nonative organisms are called ___- extinct
In an healthy ecosystem population of living things are _______ interdependent
The types of numbers of animals in an ecosystem are determined by types of _____ of plants numbers, plants
In a food chain each _____ of consumers eats organisms from the level below level
Diffrent organisms can share the same resource such as a tree because they have diffrent ___ niches
A cleaner fish picks up bits of food between a sharks teeth this relationship is an example of ___ mutalism
Behavior for building shelters, finding mates, and hunting are usually _____ instinctive
Most declines in populations of organisms today are called by ______ human activities
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