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AB Ch 8

Fossils traces of things preserved in rock
Formation covered in sediment and decomposes, sediment pressed together
Cyanobacteria prokaryotes, sunlight to make food
Paleozoic age of fishes, life moved onto land, “ancient life”
Cenozoic age of mammals, current era
Mesozoic age of reptiles, dinosaurs, mammals started to form
Precambrian life began
Opposable thumbs grip, all primates
Front facing eyes
Primates binocular vision, and opposable thumbs
Hominids earliest fossils in Africa, homo erectus
Ozone layer protects earth from radiation
Mass extinctions sudden global climate change, mark divisions in geologic time, largest
Eras blocks of geologic time
Pangea supercontinent
Relative dating estimate age based on where it is found
Neanderthals lived at the same time as homo sapiens
Paleontologists scientists who study life before humans
Half life
Tectonic plates continents and oceans are on top of
Australopithecenes similar to apes, but bigger brains
Homo sapiens first to create sculpture and paintings
Scientists believe life came from simple chemicals
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