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Lesson 7 test..

Water creatures

What are the three groups of cartilaginous fishes? Sharks,rays,and agnathans
What is the classification for Sharks and rays? Chondrichthyes
What are some of the differences between bony and cartilaginous fishes? Bony fish have scales, cartilaginous fish have dermal denials,fins of cartilaginous fish are thick and rubbery instead of thin nd transparent like bony fish, cartilaginous fish don't have operculum to cover their hills, instead they have gill slits
What 2 things makes a fish, a fish? If it swims and has gills
God designed rays with pectoral fins that r attached to their bodies from back to front...what do they use them for? They use these fins to fly thru the water. Rays use their wide fins to scoop up sediment on the ocen floor to look for clam oysters  and other benthic animals
Why do mantas visit cleaning stations in coral reefs? to have cleaner fish eat the parasites off of them and keep them healthy
40 different species of electric rays, they have battery like electric organs on both sides of their heads which can produce a jolt of up to how many volts? 240
Give me some characteristics of eagle rays. Have long whip like tails with a stinger and pointy snouts and a diamond shaped body they actually flap their fins instead of wiggling the outer edges of them they r bottom feeders  but often swim at the surface
What is unique about the snout of the sawfish? can detect movements and even heart beats of other creatures buried in the sand. It uses it's saw to dig up prey,the longest sawfish is over 20 ft long!
How are skates different from rays? smaller with shorter tails and no tail stingers their tails r thicker with thorny growths along the edges they have a set of extra fins at the base of their tail also skates lay their eggs while rays are ovivaparous
We envision sharks swimming near where we would swim but the truth is that many sharks are what? Bottom dwellers that eat crab and oysters
What is unique about the shape of the sharks body are streamlined in a fusiform shape, which makes them very fast!
What is The most interesting feature  of the shark? Why? its teeth, it has several rows of teeth. A shark may have up to 3000 teeth in its head at a time. Sharks eat so violently that they often break teeth. When a front tooth is broken one from the row behind it moves up to take its place.. Over the course of
God gave sharks many features that help them find their prey... Name 2. Ampullae of lorenzini- tiny holes on the sharks snout that are nerve receptors and actually sense electricity in the water They also have a very keen sense of smell... In fact 2/3 of their brain is developed to giving it it's sense of smell.
Shark are pregnant for up to 2 yrs but do not always give birth to live young, why? sometimes the shark pups attack each other inside the mother and kill one another.
Give me examples and characteristics of the order squatinformes angel sharks and monk fish  these sharks have flat bodies with their mouth on the front of their head and no anal fin, they r bottom feeders and use spiracles to breath and grow up to 6 ft long
What order has deep water sharks with rounded bodies and short snouts 2 dorsal fins and no anal fins ie the dog fish shark Squaliformes
sharks that have extra gill slits they have an anal fin and a limp dorsal fin stay in very deep waters cow sharks and frilled sharks are in this order.. What is it? Hexanchiformes
Created by: kjproverbs356