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Vocabulary List 04


QuestionAnswerRequired Extras
uspiam anywhere adverb
cesso to be remiss, be inactive, slack off -are, -aui, -atum
evenio to happen, turn out -venire, -veni, -ventum
irascor to become angry irasci, iratus sum
propitius, a, um favorable, well-disposed adjective
poto to drink -are, -aui, -atum
obsequor to submit to, yield to, -sequi, -secutus sum
obsequi animo to indulge oneself idiom
sollicito to disturb, agitate, distress are, avi, atum
algesco to catch a cold algescere, alsi
cado to fall cadere, cecidi, casurum
praefringo to break (as in a bone) fringere, fregi, fractum
instituo to establish tuere, tui, tutum
inde from there, thence; from him/her/it adv.
iam inde a ever since idiom
clemens, clementis tranquil, mild adj.
parcus, a, um thrifty, sparing; stingy adj.
natus, i son masculine
educo to raise, educate ducere, duxi, ductum
paruulus, a ,um very small, wee little adj.
item likewise adv.
sedulo carefully, meticulously adv.
praetermitto to overlook, pass by mittere, misi, missum
clanculum with out the knowledge of prep. + acc.
connsuefacio to accustom facere, feci, factum
mentior to lie to mentiri, mentitus sum
insuo to sew up suere, sui, sutum
magis more, rather adv.
pudor, pudoris shame, modesty masc.
clamito to yell, cry aloud frequently are, avi, atum
perdo to (cause to) waste away, squander dere, didi, ditum
sumptum, i cost, expense neut.
suggero to supply gerere, gessi, gestum
uestitus, us clothing masc.
nimius, a, um excessive adj.
absens, absentis being absent, in absent; absent adj.
adiungo to yoke, harness; attach, join iungere,iunxi,iunctum
caueo to be on one's gaurd cauere, caui, cautum
clam without the knowledge of prep. + acc.
indulgeo to indulge dulgere, dulsi
ineptus, a, um unfit, useless, foolish, absurd adj.
iudico to judge, evaluate are, aui, atum
patrius, a, um of a father, fatherly adj.
poto to drink are, aui, atum
stabilis, e stable, firm, secure adj.
tantisper for such a length of time adv.
absum to be away, be absent abesse, afui, afuturum
Created by: VeritasLatinIV