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HMS Sun Earth Moon

Practice for the Unit Test

The main reason we have seasons on Earth Tilt
When a moon or planet spins Rotate
To spin around a larger object in space Revolve
This tide has the largest daily change in tides; when the Moon, Sun & Earth are in a line Spring
This tide does not change much during the day; the Sun, Moon & Earth make a 90 degree angle Neap
Along with some help from the Sun, this is what mainly causes the tides Moon
Allows for objects in space to revolve around the sun and for moons to revolve around planets Gravity
The Sun, Moon & Earth must line up perfectly in order to cast a shadow Eclipse
When the moon appears dark New moon
When the moon is 100% illuminated Full moon
This allows for sunrise and sunset on Earth Earth's rotation
How long it takes for the Earth to revolve around the Sun 365 days
How long does it take the moon to go through all of the phases? 28 days
The shortest day of the year is during this season? Winter
One of the main reasons we have life on Earth is because of this element Oxygen
Without this liquid, life on Earth might not be possible? Water
The hottest places on Earth are generally near the ________________ because it gets the most direct sunlight. Equator
The poles remain cold all year lond because they get __________ sunlight. Indirect
High tide happens on the side of the Earth facing the? Moon
Each moon phase takes about ____ days. 3.5
Created by: chanteb