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Pediatric Focus

Pediatric Assessment

What is a Chief Complaint? Why the patient came in to the doctors office.
What is an example of an Conculding question? Is there anything elas I need to know
When assessing a child; How are you suppose to be? Eye level, Relaxed, and Calm
Whaen does an childs assessment begin? When they walk in the door
What is Anthropmetrics? Height,weight, head & chest circumference
What is an Easy temermant? The child can walk into any situation and own it
What is a Difficult temperament? child has hard time adjusting to new situations
What is a Slow to warm up temperament? child withdraws on 1st exsposure
What is the (DDST) Denver II Developmental Test? A test for the childs developmental delayed
How do you do a IQ test? development agedivided by chronological age times 100.
What is th 1 thing you look for in all parts of your assessment? Symmetry
WHat is Mottling? A normal, marbling,splotchy appearance of the skin due to fluctuations in circulation.
If a child comes in because they are sick, What do you get? The Day History
What happens when the child is Hyperbilirubinemia? they appear Jaundiced (yellow)
WHat is a Halequin Sign? One side of the body is red and the other side is not due to cirulation fluctuations; its normal
What are Mongolia spots? Gray spots found on a child at birth
What is Venix and What does it tell you? cheese like white lubricant that is sometimes found on a baby at birth. If the baby is full term
WHat are Fontanels? Soft Spots in a babies head.
When does the Anterior Fontanels Close up? by 18 months
When does the Posterior Fontanels Close up? by 2 months
WHat is the normal assesssment of a Fontanel? soft and flat
What are Suture lines? where the bones of the skull come together or overlap. But never Seperate
What is Molding? when the suture lines overlap in the cranium
WHat is a Caput succedaneum? A soft localized area of the scalp due to a vaccum extractor or the baby being in the birth canal for a long period of time.
WHat is a Cephalohematoma? a collection of blood between the cranial bones in the periosteal membranes.
What is a craniotabe? A softened cranial bone that will close in 1 or 2 months
What test is done for visual Acuity? A Snellen Test
What test is known as the "Cover Test"for vision? The Hirschberg Test
WHat is an Obliget breather? a infant less than 2 months old with uncoordinated breathing
What are you looking for when you examine the baby's mouth? pink gums, tongue is midline when they stick out there tongue and smile symmetry.
What do a nurse look for in a chest exam? Symmetry when the chest rise ans fall
What would a nurse not want to find in a childs gentorectal area? redness, drainage, and swelling
When assessing the back what does the nurse want to find? a straight spine
What is the most refined senses a baby has? touch
WHat is a Newborn? first 12-24 hr of life
What is a neonate? first 30 day s of life
What is the first priority in every baby? Respiratory
What is the nomal respiratory rate for a newborn? 30-60 bpm
What happens if a baby has Acrocyanosis? its normal for the 1st 24 hrs of life
WHat is the normal newborn heart rate? 110-160 bpm
Is something wrong if the baby is crying and their heart rate is 200bpm? nothing is wrong its normal when crying
True or False: Are transient murmurs normal during the new born period? True. Only for the 1st 24 hrs
Does newborns have acute vision? No
What colors should be used for a babies mobile? Red/black or black/white. Faces are most interesting
What is the average head cm size foe a baby? 32-37 cm
True or False: Chest circumfrance is 2cm less than their head cm. true
What is the normal baby temp? 97.6 to 97.8
Why is the babies 1st temp taken recatally? To check for patency
WHat is the normal baby pulse? 120 to 140 bpm
When you are doing vital signs on a babies and infants; how long does the assessment last? 1 full minute
Which age group is the most difficult to perform assessments on? toddlers and preschoolers. give them options
Created by: PaQuitaJ1982