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Science Mid-Term

Science Review #1

Write a hypothesis for the "Bouncing Ball" experiment. IF I drop the ball from a higher level THEN the bounce will be higher too BECAUSE it builds momentum.
What do you collect and record while conducting an experiment? Data.
List the levels of TAXONOMY in order. Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.
What is the structure of the Animal Kingdon? Nucleus, Cytoplasm, Cell Membrane.
What is the structure of the Plant Kingdon? Nucleus, Cytoplasm, Cell membrane, Chloroplast, Cell wall.
What is the structure of the Fungi Kingdom? Nucleus, Cytoplasm, Cell walls.
What is the structure of the Protist Kingdom? Nucleus, Cytoplasm, Cell wall.
What is the structure of the Moneran Kingdom? Cytoplasm, Cell membrane, Some have cell walls.
Define Taxonomy. An orderly classifacation of organisams that go from a large, general group to a small specific group.
Chromosomes 1. String like structures found in the Nucleus 2. They carry the DNA
Nucleus 1. The oval shaped organelle 2. Found in the center of the cell 3. Called the "brain" of the cell because it directs cell activities
Vacuole 1. Sac like structures 2. Stores water, Waste and Nutrients
Mitochondria 1. A folded organelle 2. Often called the "PowerHouse" of the cell. It produces energy using oxygen and nutrients
Cells make up Tissues... Tissues make up Organs Organs make up Organ Systems Organ Systems make up an Organism
What was Robert Hooke responsible for? He was the first scientist to see cells under a microscope.
List the differences between an animal cell and a plant cell. ANIMAL PLANT 7 small vacuoles 1-2 large vacuole Have lysosomes Chloroplasts Cell membrane Cell wall & membrane
What is a Structural Adaptation? An adaptation that involves body parts or color Ex. The spotted moth is gray to blend in with a soot tree.
What is a Behavioral Adaptation? An action that aids in an organisms survival. Ex. The Plover will pretend her wing is broken to keep predators away from her nest.
What is a Physiological Adaptation? An adaptation that involves a body part's job of controlling a life process.
What are the 6 Basic Life Processes? 1. Take in energy. 2. Release energy in food. 3. Use energy for life processes 4. Produce and excrete waste. 5. Respond to the enviorment. 6. Reproduce.
What is an inherited trait? A trait passed on to the offspring by the parents.
Describe a learned behavior and give an example A behavior that is taught by another member of that organisms species. Ex. Humans learned to walk and talk.
What is a reflex? A quick, automatic response to a stimulus.
Name the #s on the microscope page. #1 Body tube #2 Nose piece #3 low objective lens #4 low objective lens #5 High objuctive lens #6 stage clips #7 diaphram #8 light source #9 eye piece #10 arm #11 stage #12 course adjustment knob #13 Fine adjustment knob #14 base
Created by: bucca1