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Latin Vocab Mid-Term

Latin Vocabulary; Chapters 1-13, Mid-Term review

Ecce! Look!
Puella girl
nōmine by name, called
quae who
habitat lives, is living, does live
etiam also
vīlla country house
vīlla rūstica country house and farm
aestāte in summer
laeta happy
quod because
iam now
sub arbore under the tree
sedet sits, is sitting, does sit
et and
legit reads, is reading, does read
altera a second
vīcīna neighboring
dum while
scrībit writes, is writing, does write
quoque also
sunt (they) are
amīcae friends
hodiē today
sed but
in agrīs in the fields
ambulant (they) walk, are walking, do walk
brevī tempore in a short time, soon
dēfessa tired
nōn iam no longer
strēnua active, energetic
currit (he/she) runs, is running, does run
tandem at last
ex agrīs from/out of the fields
ad vīllam rūsticam to/toward the country house and farm
lentē slowly
puer boy
quī who
eādem the same
in hortō in the garden
clāmant shout, are shouting,
rīdent laugh, are laughing, smile
vir man
servus slave
multī many
in vīllīs rūsticīs in country houses
labōrant work, are working
sōlus alone
īrātus angry
subitō suddenly
in piscīnam into the fishpond
cadit (he/she/it) falls
Abīte, molestī! Go away, you pests!
gemit (he/she) groans
molestus troublesome, annoying
semper always
vexat (he/she) annoys
igitur therefore
amat (he/she) likes, loves
dormit (he/she) climbs
cōnspicit (he/she) catches sight of
fūrtim stealthily
appropinquat (he/she) approaches
ascendit (he/she) climbs
magnus big, great
magnā vōce in a loud voice
audit (he/she) hears, listens to
videt (he/she) sees
vōx (a/the) voice
terret (he/she/it) frightens
sollicita anxious, worried
tum at that moment, then
Dēscende, Sexte! Come down, Sextus!
you (subject)
nihil nothing
you (direct object)
Cavē! Be careful!
rāmus (a/the) branch
īnfirmus weak, shaky
fragor (a/the) crash noise
diēs (a/the) day
calidus warm
in silvam into the woods
ibi there
rīvus stream
frīgidus cool, cold
errant (they) wander
prope near
vult (he/she) wishes, wants
ignāvus cowardly, lazy
respondet (he/she) replies
neque...neque... neither...nor...
temerārius rash, reckless
lupus (a/the) wolf
perterritus frightened, terrified
statim Immediately
Ferte auxilim! Bring help! Help!
ubi where, when
clāmor shout, shouting
ad puellās toward the girls
eōs them
eum him
petit (he/she) looks for, seeks
arripit (he/she) grabs hold of, snatches
repellit (he/she) drives off
ē silvā out of the woods
salvae safe
adveniunt (they) reach, arrive (at)
excipiunt (they) welcome
adhūc still
timet (he/she) fears, is afraid
nōndum not yet
lūcet it is light, it is day
surgit (he/she) gets up, rises
per vīllam through the country house
pater father
māter mother
etiam also, even
neque and...not
tamen however
ancilla (a/the) slave-woman
omnēs all
observat (he/she) watches
pūrgat (he/she) cleans
cibus food
coquere to cook
mox soon, presently
strēnuē strenuously, hard
aqua water
portant (they) carry
reprehendit (he/she) blames, scolds
docet (he/she) teaches
cūrāre to look after, take care of
lānam trahunt (they) spin wool
omnia quae everything that
adiuvāre to help
ipsa she herself
ipse he himself
nunc now
necesse est it is necessary
occupātus busy
labōrantēs working
spectant (they) watch, look at
nūntius messenger
venit (he/she) comes
salūtat (he/she) greets
Salvē! Greetings!Hello!
inquit (he/she) says
meus my
dūcit (he/she) leads, takes
trādit (he/she) hands over
ēhu! Alas!
prīnceps the emperor
ad urbem to the city
revocat (he/she) recalls
cōnsulere to consult
redīre to return
Eugepae! Hurray!
īre! to go
iam now, already
Age/Agite! Come on!
vōs you (plural)
nōs we, us
excitāre to rouse, to wake (someone) up
intrat (he/she) enters
cubiculum room, bedroom
tempus time
diende then, next
celeriter quickly
induit (he/she) puts on
iterum again, a second time
mihi for me
suā her own
nēmō no one
nūllī no
iānitor doorkeeper
ad iānuam at the door
tacitē silently
temptat (he/she) tries
sēmisomna half-asleep
hīc here
Tacē! Be quiet!
Nōlī...excitāre! Don't wake...up!
mēcum with me
misera unhappy, miserable
nōbīs for us
discēdere to go away
tuus your
vōs omnēs all of you
simul together
nesciō I do not know
secundā hōrā at the second hour
lacrimant (he/she) weeps
ō mē miseram! Poor me!
manēre to remain, stay
Valē! Goodbye!
mitte send
prōmittis you promise
complexū in an embrace
tenet (he/she) holds
lacrimāns weeping
abit (he/she) goes away
intereā meanwhile
gerit wears
iubet (he/she) orders
alius another, other
cista trunk, chest
pōnere to put, place
in itinere on a journey
līberī children
gerere solent (they) are accustomed to wear(ing), usually wear
stat (he/she) stands
via road
baculum stick
habet (he/she) holds
scelestus wicked
crās tomorrow
incitat (he/she) spurs on, urges on
raeda carriage
servus quīdam a certain slave
iacit (he/she) throws
parātus ready
raedārius coachman
equus horse
eō ipsō tempore at that very moment
Via Appia The Appian Way
vīlicus overseer, farm manager
dominus master
absum, abesse irreg., to be away, be absent
ārea open space, threshing floor
plēnus full
quamquam although
mussō, mussāre to mutter
verberō, verberāre to beat
id quod that which, what
īra anger
illā nocte that night
effugiō effugere to flee, run away, escape
impediō, impedīre to hinder
sē cēlāre to hide (himself)
porta gate
inveniō, invenīre to find
bonus good
convocō, convocāre to call together
rogō, rogāre to ask
vīnea, -ae f., vineyard
fossa, -ae f., ditch
ferō, ferre irreg., to bring, carry
olfaciō, olfacere to catch the scent of, smell
cum prep. + abl., with
lātrō, lātrāre to bark
vēstīgia tracks, footprints, traces
immōbilis motionless
tunicā by the tunic
trahō, trahere to drag
in fronte litterās inūrere to brand, the letters on his forehead
iter journey
iter faciēbant (they) were traveling
tribus diēbus in three days
volēbat (he/she) wanted
identidem again and again
iubēbat (he) ordered, kept ordering
virga, -ae f., stick
verberābat (he) kept beating, whipping
ībant (they) were going
rūsticus, -ī m., peasant
septimus seventh
erat (it) was
quiēscēbant (they) were resting
pēs, pedis m., foot
vehicula vehicles
aurīgam -ae m., charioteer
magnō rīsū with a loud laugh
fatuus stupid
tabellārius, -ī m., courier
cīvis, cīvis gen. pl., cīvium, m./f., citizen
praeclārus distinguished
ab or ā prep. + abl., from
pars, partis gen. pl., partium f., part
Quam...! How...!
ferōciter fiercely
Cavē! Watch out for...!
vītō, vītāre to avoid
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